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Winter Hats Trend

An accessory that has long been in disuse by the most popular layers of the globe can now return to circulate making the days and our streets more charming, we are talking about the hats, some women have adopted the accessory for a few decades, but especially on hot days. To compose more sophisticated looks various socialites have worn their hats for some time, in combination with tailleur we can observe many madams with their graceful hats. In movies especially those involving wealthy people as main characters we can also see that women wear hats of different modeling, it’s a rather retro-chic mood, the fact is that they have arrived and we can take advantage of this new trend. Check below the trend of winter hats 2011 that we selected as tip. Continue reading

Caps and Hats Summer-Colorful Pieces and Showy, Trend

Fashion and beauty-Not1

Caps and Hats Summer 2014-colorful pieces and Showy, trend

Today the Blog Not1 brings fresh runway trends, the new key Summer 2014 are the caps and hats nothing discreet. Check out how to invest in Accessories, and create colorful and looks that are the face of the summer, and don’t forget to comment! Continue reading

Wear a Men’s Hat Now

Marlene tried it

New look – old question. Can I use that? How do I wear it? Author Marlene Sørensen a fashionable self-experiment ventures every month. Their current test case: the Herrnhut

This time, I decided I’m not going this time. I’m growing my hair long for the first time in my life, and then you will like me – for the first time in my life, since I wear a hairdo. I’ve endured. And it did not work.

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How to Dress for Surfing

Surfer in water at 10 degrees is now almost within reach of everyone. Above all, you must check your fitness. Then, if the cold does not scare you: do not hesitate to get started.Perform sessions of 30 to 45 minutes without risk numb or you suffer from cold. Surf equipment for the winter you can enjoy good waves … away from the crowds of the summer.

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Monkey: How to Shake with the Hit of the Time

The hit of the time? Missed who thought in dress orshort, the monkeys are with all this season and, of course, must continue… are light and versatile, one of the hits from the 80s back and all, because they are extremely feminine, charming and delicate, a real Joker, who let any stylish production. Democratic super can be printed, smooth, fluffy, fair, in jeans, the play is a great investment, but, of course, like everything else, you have to know how to use and abuse it.

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Top 5 Summer 2016 Trends

With the new station hitting the door, of course, that can’t be anxious and super attentive to news that promise to make the head and the closets of chicks.

And from what we can see on the catwalks we will see still too cropped top, jeans, ethnic prints, long jackets, fashion of the years 70, asymmetry, maxi-brincos … items that will continue grooming shop Windows.

But wait, we select our main bets between the trends presented on the runway, which already are worth an onslaught in the next trip to the Mall, because they promise, of course, make the streets hottest stations of the year.

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