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Learn How to Choose a Cheap Tablet

Many readers send in questions about good and cheap tablets.

To start: you will hardly find good tablets for less than 500 reais.

And it’s no use just searching the list of settings to try to find out if it has quality or not.

Take this example: not a month ago Acer launched a tablet with the incredible resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels.Even so, many users are already complaining that the device hangs a lot.The problem, it seems, would be in the processor, unsuitable for screen resolution. Continue reading

Pebble Steel Smartwatch Best Buy

The new high-end model with leather strap Pebble will be available from Saturday at $ 230

On Sunday June 15 arrives at Best Buy stores smart watch the Pebble Steel, the high-end model of popular smartwatch , with full compatibility with all Apple iOS devices. This is definitely a high-end watch and can clearly be perceived by the material used as the steel sphere square or leather strap, materials that give an air of sportiness to the watch.

Continue reading

Charge Your Phone More Quickly with a Fast Charger Our Site

Fast Charger is a stylish and highly efficient power bank that charges your phone 1.5 times faster, than 9 out of 10 power banks on the market.

Development of new smartphones is towards larger screens, as well as faster and more advanced technology, all of which helps to increase power consumption. This development creates a need for power at the same bank that can deliver more and faster power for our phones and other energy-hungry gadgets.


The vast majority of power Bank on the market are still only able to deliver a current flowing on the equivalent to 1 Ampere. The new Fast Charger from our site can supply a power on the entire 2.5 Amps, which means that the charging time is 1.5 times faster than on most other power Bank. Continue reading