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Samsung Game Pad Turns Your Smart phone in Video Games

With similar videogame controls design, accessory is ideal for racing games, shooting and platform

Since the launch of the first iPhone, the games are among the most popular types of applications on smart phones. And that popularity only increases with the screens get bigger and increasingly powerful processors included in latest smart phones. Continue reading

How to Buy Apps on Iphone?

Until recently, the Brazilian App Store did not offer games for Brazil.This happened thanks to our bureaucracy in the question of age classification for games.Now the thing is different and it is already possible to make purchases in the Brazilian App Store without having to do the tricks and tricks to have access to several of those favorite games by the North American App Store. Continue reading

The 8 Best Fitness, Workout and Tracking Apps [Tip]

We have created a list of the best træningsapps to iPhone and Android. What is best for GPS tracking, workout programs and general fitness.

Autumn is upon us and it is for some time to get started with your exercise. Your phone can in many cases be a distracting factor, but other times, it is also a very helpful tool. With your phone, you can track your training session (if you don’t track your exercise and shared it socially, then it’s probably never happened?), find new training exercises, get help with training programs and guides to do the exercises correctly.

We have compiled a list of the apps, which we think makes it best of all. The apps we have selected covers a wide variety of training types, and some are specifically designed for a particular sport. In the end, they all would like to make your workouts more fun, and motivate you to continue. Whether it is social in it, a quest for improvement or anything else is relative. Continue reading

Google Pixel: Hopper Not Included on the Water-Repellent Wave

We are seeing more and more mobile phones with dust-and water-resistant properties, but the upcoming Pixel mobiles from Google and HTC will not be a part of this company.

It is now generally known in mobile circuit, that they expected the next “Nexus-mobiles” that had to be manufactured by HTC, squarely will drop Nexus-name, and instead will be the brand under Google Pixel.

The other day we could even show some leaked image in reasonable high-quality, and now it’s so come more news about the alleged two phones Pixel and the Pixel XL. According to a known source of Android Police , the two units have a function that also Motorola Nexus 6 had, namely an IP53-certification.

This does not mean, however, that Pixel-phones will be water-and dust-resistant. On the contrary, the 3-number in certification an expression that the specimens will only be able to tolerate a certain amount of water under special circumstances. Continue reading

iPhone 7 Smashing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Speed Tests

iPhone 7 WINS with lengths over Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in a new test, which the telecommunications ‘ speed and multitasking tested side-by-side.

Apple already has performed impressively well over for Android-the competitors when it comes to multitasking and heavy work with a multitude of applications and games running at once.

Last year’s iPhone 6s have thus already turned on Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note 7, and now Baggins Apple thick line below, that the new iPhone 7 with Apple’s A10 Fusion processor is the fastest and best on the market.

YouTube-channel PhoneBuff, who also is behind yesterday’s drop test between iPhone and iPhone 7 6s, have put the new iPhone 7 up against Samsung’s top model, Galaxy Note 7. Continue reading

Pebble Steel Smartwatch Best Buy

The new high-end model with leather strap Pebble will be available from Saturday at $ 230

On Sunday June 15 arrives at Best Buy stores smart watch the Pebble Steel, the high-end model of popular smartwatch , with full compatibility with all Apple iOS devices. This is definitely a high-end watch and can clearly be perceived by the material used as the steel sphere square or leather strap, materials that give an air of sportiness to the watch.

Continue reading

iPhone 7 Make Mysterious Hvislelyd Under Load

Several owners of iPhone 7 recounts, that it creates a mysterious Swish from the processor when it gets down to hard work.

Although there is hardly a problem in the same league as bendgate, can be a problem with the new iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus 7 be afoot.

More and more users are reporting about a problem that goes on, that the two new phones have a tendency to make a hvislelyd during use of the phone.

The first to report about the problem is the user Stephen Hackett, who is behind the website 512pixels.In a tweet he shares this 13 seconds long YouTube video, where you can hear a distinct Swish from his iPhone 7 Plus. Continue reading

iPhone 7 Are Performing Drop Tests Better Than iPhone 6s

iPhone 7 are bad enough the country in stores before the first drop tests are published. One of the more accurate drop tests are now out and there is progress to track.

Apple’s iPhones have never been among the most resistant smartphones, especially when it comes to screens-but the manufacturer has, however, nor tried to turn them into it.

Nor with the year’s iPhone 7 are the recipe for the design changed significantly compared to last year’s iPhone 6s, but nevertheless, there are improvements to be found in the new iPhone.

YouTube-channel PhoneBuff has, in fact, performed one of his classic drop tests, which are carried out under controlled conditions as possible so thanks to a professional machine, which at the same time releasing two phones from exactly 1 meters down on a stone surface. Continue reading

Three Games You Should Have on Your Apple Watch

Mobile games are not only limited to the smart phone or your handheld console-they are available also for the wrist.

Wearable gaming is still in the process of stepping up its first League matches, and neither the supply of games or their popularity approaching far big brothers iPad and iPhone. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t good gaming experiences to find your Apple Watch, even though it is still a challenge to make immersive games that can sit on a wrist.

The best games are the ones that manage to adapt the game to the format, without just being a mini version of a similar iPhone games. We have found three such games, which all have in common is that they manage to create a real gaming experience on your Apple Watch. Continue reading

iRobots Build in Future iPhone 6

iPhones are Built in the Future of Robots

Foxconn, a major Chinese contract manufacturer for Apple and the new iPhone 6, has announced to put iPhones in the future when assembling the Apple even more automation and manufacturing with robots. So far about one million Chinese workers for the group work, iPhone 6 building together. A few months ago, Foxconn sought 100,000 new workers about a vacancy to establish the desired Apple units of the new iPhone 6.

In the Future, Robots Assemble the iPhones

What now still hard-working Chinese migrant workers make iPhone 6 for the world market to assemble: the new, to be automated soon. For the mounting of the successor of iPhone 6 and co. Foxconn increasingly on robot wants to put even the first ten thousand robots during the production of the new iPhone 6 could take up their work Yes it – this announced the CEO of Foxconn, Terry Gou, at a general meeting of shareholders.

Ten thousand robots should approximately cost between 20,000 and 25,000 dollars apiece and assemble 30,000 smartphones in the cut – Foxconn could produce automatically with these iRobots 300 million units of the noble case for Apple cell phones. Foxconn wants to insert these so-called “Foxbots” only for themselves and not sell the underlying technology to the competition.

First beneficiaries of robot production at Foxconn could be Apple with its iPhone 6, because as the Taiwanese news magazine reported IT home, the test phase of the robot factory is nearly complete, the robot could get started so soon with the prefabricated of the iPhone 6. So Foxconn saves costs and make more profit on shareholders. Maybe Apple can offer cheaper new iPhones this way. Or do still keep more profit. On the road the 100,000 and more employees of Foxconn – definitely probably remain without iPhone.

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Apple iPhone 5S Popular as Samsung Galaxy S5

Apple before Samsung on Sales

The iPhone 5 is and remains popular: Apple had his iPhone 5S almost a year on the market, and in April of this model still more deposed, as its competitor Samsung of his brand new flagship Samsung Galaxy S5 – and that although the South Korean Super Smartphone just was short, on the market.

Popular there: the Apple iPhone 5S has analyses showed that in May – eight months after its launch – on the world market even better sold than the Samsung Galaxy S5. And that, although the new Samsung flagship Galaxy S5 was presented in April for the first time to the public and actually popular should have been. This result provides at least an analysis of the market research firm counter point technology market research, which raised the actual unit sales in 35 countries – and not only the deliveries to dealers. With complete distance on the list of the most popular smartphones by Samsung the Galaxy S5 follows the iPhone 5 S’s second only to and the Samsung flagship from the previous year, the Samsung Galaxy S4. The ten best-selling smartphones worldwide also include iPhone 5 C, which posted themselves in fifth place, as well as the iPhone 4s, which six is ranked.

Phablets are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Counter point technology market analysts expect research due to its huge 5.1 inch large display to the Phablets the Samsung Galaxy S5. This category include also the Galaxy note 3 and Galaxy Grand 2 from Samsung, which are also reflected in the list of the most popular smartphones. According to the analysis, 40 percent of smartphones sold can be counted among the Phablets.

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The iPhone’s Soon in China

The Chinese Market is Worthwhile for Apple and Its iPhones

As of January is the day: Even Chinese customers can then buy an iPhone from Apple. After some negotiation Apple finally available its iPhones in China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile operator, and can hope to conquer the iPhone to the Chinese market.

For Apple, the second most successful mobile phone manufacturers by Samsung, a new and huge market opens up: After long negotiations, the California company has placed its iPhones in government mobile operator China Mobile, which has more than 750 million customer accounts. From January’s will then be on sale for the Chinese population the iPhone: From January 17, are in the Apple stores and in stores of China Mobile, the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c in the showcase.

the Californian company is lightweight foothold probably not so easy in China, because the Chinese market is dominated by cheaper Android smartphones. In the smart phone market in the country of the rising sun, the otherwise so accustomed to success, companies from California is just fifth. The hitherto undisputed number one in China is Samsung with a market share of 21.2 percent in the third quarter. The Korean companies will follow the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Lenovo with 12.5 percent, with 11.1 percent Yulong and Huawei with 9.1 percent. Apple claimed just 6.2 percent for itself, in 2012 there were still 7.9 percent. the agreement with China Mobile this respect should pay off for Apple: Analysts Apple could in China thanks to the successful negotiations with China Mobile to sell 10 to 40 million iPhone models. The Chinese mobile operator China Mobile has a good network and in addition it is the process of expanding the LTE network in the country.

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iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: This Is the First Reviews

The first foreign reviews of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has just come out. Get an overview of how critics have embraced the new iPhones

Apple’s new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus lands in the Danish stores on Friday 16. September, and although it is for the first time, while all the other major countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Germany, have the American reviewers received advance on to test two new iPhones.

That is why we have on Mobile since taken a look at what the sentence is about the iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus 7 in it big abroad before it even lands to test here. Below you will find the brand new reviews of iPhone respectively 7 and iPhone 7 Plus from The Verge, stuff.tv, CNET and Engadget, Ars Technica. Continue reading

iPhone 7 as a Sports Camera-the First Shots

The camera in the iPhone 7 are put to the test as the sports camera. See how well it is doing here.

The camera in Apple’s latest smartphone is more ambitious than ever-even if on paper is not much has changed.

12 megapixels-but still provided picture processor, after treatment, the optics and stabilization are all markedly in iPhone 7.

Select iPhone 7 Plus you get even an extra camera with in the deal that offers a short telephoto lens with good zoom functions as well as a bokeh effect.

iPhone 7 have already been allowed to try their hand at a severe discipline: coverage of a sports event.Actually two of them. Continue reading

Lack of iPhone 7-These Models Will Be Deferred

You have to be quick, if you still want to make sure one of the first iPhones. Several models are delayed by several weeks.

When Apple tomorrow emits iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, it will as with previous iPhone launches put pressure on supplies.

iPhone 7 are not smoked in trade yet, but already now see availability of iPhone 7 out to dry out. On Apple’s own website is now not to produce certain models before sometime in November.

If you order today, the earliest deliveries will only take place from the 26. September-but only for 6 of the 28 existing models of iPhone 7.

The other variants have a lead time of between 2-3 weeks and for Jet Black models reported wait time to be in 3 to 5 weeks for iPhone 7, while 7 Plus first gets debut in november.

Do you want to see which models that increasingly is to get in the table below, you can get a status of the various models delivery times. The figures are obtained from Apple’s website on 15. September at 14.00.


Apple iPhone 7 to test-first impressions [WEB]

So is the test of the iPhone 7 in time. Our site packages iPhone 7 Plus out and gives the first impression.

Already at the first look, it is clear that Apple has not been out on the wild design adventure-everything seems safe and familiar.

However, there are some subtle differences, all of which will have pleasure in everyday life. The display is more colorful and brighter more up than before. Jack-Jack is now gone, but on the other hand, iPhone 7 now waterproof (IP67).

There is more room in the engine compartment, the processor is stronger and there is a larger battery. The camera is better than ever and comes with optical zoom in the Plus model.

In other words, it is a series of small improvements, which together have the potential to make iPhone 7 to something special.

See why with downstairs, and see our site launches test of Apple’s iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus 7.