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Delicate Earrings by Allesesliebe by Milla K

So honestly, I hope the winter is soon behind us.Because enough is enough.Now everything from me can flourish and thrive.And snow will again be an issue for the opening of Christmas markets.To lure the spring and to persuade him to stay, you can use our jewelery of the week, beautiful earrings by aLLesausLiebe by milla k. Continue reading

The Lady Blog Loves:Charity Bracelet by Yana Nesper

In the series “The Lady-Blog loves …” you will get to know your favorite parts of our wardrobe and their history.Whether new and expensive or old and worn out, whether designerware, homemade or off the shelf does not matter, the only criterion: We love it.This time I would like to introduce you to my charity charm bracelet by Yana Nesper – a gifted young designer for pearl jewelery from Pforzheim. Continue reading

Pearls: How to Match Your Style

Pearl Jewelry are a classic that never go out of fashion and that increasingly have reached space on beauty accessories that complement a variety of looks. The pearls can let any sleek, feminine and sophisticated.

Although they are associated with more traditional looks, it is possible to create different compositions with these jewels and make modern and current combinations. Want to know how to include the pearls in your visual and learn to vary your production with the help of this accessory? So come with us. Continue reading

Anklets For The Summer

Time and again she comes in and out of the scene. But this time it’s becoming a recurring theme in the major fashion weeks of the entire world. The anklets are, once again, among the accessories that should be used in the summer. They go against the gladiators, criticized by many for their dubious tastes. It is a way to adorn this part of the leg so little valued and still help in the composition of the look.

The anklets gain so much evidence, which are more and more different and unique.There are those made of jewelry, gold, silver, precious stones and also semi-jewels. It has option for all tastes and pockets. A beauty just in time to delight people on a beautiful and clear summer day. Continue reading

Shoulder Jewelry Trend

Natalie Portman Hillary Duff, the stars are all seduced by the shoulder jewelry. They love to wear this type of jewelry in the VIP parties to bring more sophistication to their dress.It has become fashionable in recent years, especially in summer. Thus, the stars are no longer limited to necklaces and earrings, but extend their collection to shoulder jewelry to embellish their valuable sleeveless dress or strapless.

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New Tropical Fashion Trend 2016

Flower prints, paradise birds, palm trees and exotic fruits make their comeback in our closets! 25 pieces to adopt the trend this summer.

This trend very “happy” with us for the past few seasons and is clearly on track to stay, to our delight!
We must admit, we begin to think more and more to the holiday … Finished pieces with dark tones and the minimalist looks that we still loved it not so long! We can now reveal our exotic and fun side, with the integration of vegetation we like the heart of our different looks: in town or in the tropics, it is played “wild jungle” because this was all tropical motif is allowed!
A trend that fills us with nostalgia, reminding us sunsets and multi-colored Cadillac 50s, especially when seen combined on jerseys tall and models a very retro room. Clothing and accessories carry printed came straight from the Amazon rainforest and beaches of California to give this exotic touch that was lacking in our outfits.
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Bohemian Style Evening Wear 2016

In those years all the designers were inspired, but this season it keeps only the most stylish items with their touch of fun.

Exit the neglected side of baba cool, refined look is cultivated, neat, perfect for a dinner in town or a holiday evening. If you love the game of fashion in moderation, we retain only the accessories strong and graphics. We choose her jewelry based on their preferences, but by searching for large volumes. Earring XXL and bib necklace graphics and geometric designs so art deco inspiration or more ethnic make a maximum impact on all derivatives tuxedo jacket and pants or suit in black or subtly threaded Lurex gold or silver brocades well in a dandy release.
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the Most Beautiful Jewelry

Every self-respecting woman has a penchant for jewels  and the autumn winter 2015-16 allow us to make the look of the cold season even more precious and unique.

Earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, etc., trend collections are inspired ethnic and oriental cultures, with glamorous creations exploding color, about the diamonds and colored gems that embellish the surface, ultra glossy creations inspired by the 70s, bijoux voluminous and shiny, designed to illuminate the face, jewels that combine gold with ceramics, mixes creations embellished with stolen details to the world of fashion and Christmas creations, ideal to give or receive as a gift, in short, the proposals of the most famous designer labels, but not only, also of low cost brand, are undoubtedly conscious to the customers’ demanding always looking for a touch of sophistication to your look.

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Olivia Palermo Designs Jewelry

It is certainly the first among celebrities to groped their luck in the fashion industry, even though she is a celebrity at the bottom a little ‘sui generis. This is the chat and extremely fashion Olivia Palermo, now an integral part of the cast of “The City”, a spin-off of the successful reality – but not too- “The Hills”, yesterday party girl and American socialite. Even Olivia Palermo, then took its first steps as deisgner. As such outfits do not miss a shot, always perfect in every detail in fact, the Palermo personally oversees every detail of the look that shows off during his public appearances who also have their in no time the title icon, and the debut as a designer creates a mini collection of “bib necklace“, literally gag necklaces, for girlfriend jewel designer Roberta Freymann.

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There is an air of gifts in the shops and on the streets and for those who have not already done so, I would say to draw on my 10 ideas for Christmas, Jewelry Gifts by € 1000.00 or at my proposals for the watches for him and her.

For those who want to give a jewel with a rock and he won’t choose a diamond or opt for jewellery with sapphires and prefers a stone a little cheaper, I would advise to orientate themselves on the Topaz jewelry: a wonderful choice of color!

Unlike what some people may think, is absolutely suitable for the winter season: some associate it to November, but in reality the jewelry with Topaz can illuminate the entire cold period with the variety of colours of this beautiful gem! Continue reading