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How to Choose a Strapless Dress

Difficult to do more feminine than the strapless dress, which reveals the shoulders with sensuality. Yet we dare not always wear. Am I made for the dress strapless? Form ball, long empire waist… Don’t worry, there is necessarily a model for you.

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Black and White Still in High Summer 2014

The Black and White combination is already a classic, which means it never goes out of Fashion, but lately this pair has been taking care of the catwalks, red carpets, editorials, shop Windows and, let’s face it, she’s powerful, synonymous with elegance and class, and the good news is that she is one of the bets for the summer 2014.

Transparent clothes: fashion trend summer 2014

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5 Suggestions to Make for Ballad

It’s always the same … marks a ballad with friends and runs behind the ideal outfit, one that will make you more beautiful and powerful, and when it’s time to make… is that doubt, what to use? Of course, because for success at the Club, a good makeup is key and end up making all the difference in the result of any production. So, today it’s all here 5 makeups that make the biggest hit among celebrities and that may well provide inspiration to rock and shake the world clubbing.

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How to Have a Preppy Style?

Girls who have attended the session Classic Afternoon The Clueless have rather had a twinge of envy the super visual productions even to go to school girlfriends and main characters. The Betties are mainly brand to dress well, which is not that complicated. And it’s not so far away but its reality.

The fashion preppy style is within reach of everyone, even that requires a little more credit card. The main brand of patricinhas is are always very neat. They are the extravagant compositions times and sometimes causal, copied by women around for staying so cool. Wear designer is almost a rule, always the most talked about in magazines. If Paris Hilton is clutch with Chanel, the duty patricinhas will run to the shops in search of the same model.

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How to Wear for Work

I work most stylish paparazzi look around the Italian city. Today we introduce you Kaisha Bhicaji Davierwalla, account executive for a design gallery collector, who loves to mix original parts but without excess.

Name Kaisha Bhicaji Davierwalla City Milano Profession account executive for a design gallery collectibles How work affects your look and vice versa? “When they’re in the tunnel I always have to be very concentrated: wear clothes in which I feel at ease helps have no distractions. For me elegance and professionalism go hand in hand. Being well dressed I need to interact better with customers and higher. Normally I avoid bracelets, earrings and various trinkets: distract me and not feel the need to weigh the look … On the other hand employment hours to decide coat and shoes, they must be comfortable as well as beautiful.” Continue reading