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Myths and Truths about Micropigmentation of Eyebrows

Micropigmentation is an aesthetic procedure increasingly sought by Brazilians. Also known as semi-permanent makeup, the method consists of implanting pigments in the dermis(skin), drawing the eyebrows, seeking to illuminate, delineate the eyes and beautify the look.

Although widespread, micropigmentation is a method that requires care. Thinking about this, the specialist in esthetics and founder of Sóbrancelhas, Luzia Costa, will unveil the myths and truths of the procedure.”Before undertaking the method, it is important to search for and look for information about the technique, as well as to look for specialized and reliable places. After all the eyebrow confers all the facial expression of people and a mistake can lead to disorders and unhappiness for some time,”says Luzia. Continue reading

How to Choose a Strapless Dress

Difficult to do more feminine than the strapless dress, which reveals the shoulders with sensuality. Yet we dare not always wear. Am I made for the dress strapless? Form ball, long empire waist… Don’t worry, there is necessarily a model for you.

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Black and White Still in High Summer 2014

The Black and White combination is already a classic, which means it never goes out of Fashion, but lately this pair has been taking care of the catwalks, red carpets, editorials, shop Windows and, let’s face it, she’s powerful, synonymous with elegance and class, and the good news is that she is one of the bets for the summer 2014.

Transparent clothes: fashion trend summer 2014

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5 Suggestions to Make for Ballad

It’s always the same … marks a ballad with friends and runs behind the ideal outfit, one that will make you more beautiful and powerful, and when it’s time to make… is that doubt, what to use? Of course, because for success at the Club, a good makeup is key and end up making all the difference in the result of any production. So, today it’s all here 5 makeups that make the biggest hit among celebrities and that may well provide inspiration to rock and shake the world clubbing.

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How to Wear for Work

I work most stylish paparazzi look around the Italian city. Today we introduce you Kaisha Bhicaji Davierwalla, account executive for a design gallery collector, who loves to mix original parts but without excess.

Name Kaisha Bhicaji Davierwalla City Milano Profession account executive for a design gallery collectibles How work affects your look and vice versa? “When they’re in the tunnel I always have to be very concentrated: wear clothes in which I feel at ease helps have no distractions. For me elegance and professionalism go hand in hand. Being well dressed I need to interact better with customers and higher. Normally I avoid bracelets, earrings and various trinkets: distract me and not feel the need to weigh the look … On the other hand employment hours to decide coat and shoes, they must be comfortable as well as beautiful.” Continue reading

Copy the Makeup of Nina Zilli

Let’s find out how to make the type of make up most used by singer Nina Zilli.natural complexion and eyeliner are the essential elements of her look.

Nina Zilli always manages to impress with its extravagant look and its ever-changing hairstyles. Studying and analyzing her make up, despite what would seem, they are still quite classic and simple. Let’s see how we can achieve them.

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Smokey Colored Eyes Makeup

Natural effect, electric blue or silver: the important thing is that the gaze is penetrating. Here are our tips to make the most beautiful shades and have a magnetic eyes.

A penetrating and captivating look for the next thanks to the timeless make-up spring / summer smokey eyes that light up in the coming months the lids with shades of turquoise, electric blue and lilac, pastel shades from matte finishes or just glazed. It remains, however, a classic smokey eyes silver, with the inseparable black kohl. Radiant look even with nude tones and bronze.

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Jennifer Lawrence Makeup

Here are some tips to create a make up bright, natural and silky like the beautiful Hunger Games actress.

In front of the camera or in the spotlight of the red carpet, the beautiful American actress Jennifer Lawrence always points to a very natural make up, not daring shades strong but choosing tones rather refined and very, very feminine. The final touch is given by the beautiful blond hair, the 20-year length, or cut short, framing a face every time sought but never excessive.

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How to Wear Makeup for Valentine’s Day

During the feast of love also he wants to make his share! Here are the best products to create a flawless makeup, to last for hours, hours and hours…

Imagine the scene: Valentine’s Day, you want to be perfect. Do you want to seduce your man, and you think very carefully about what you wear. But … To make up you thought about it?Be careful, because matter as much as the clothes that will make your look. If you are unsure or if you are afraid of making mistakes, do not worry: we did some research for you, choosing and infallible products that will last a thousand kisses!

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Makeup Tips: Copy the Trick of Katy Perry

Blue eyes and original look for a familiar voice around the world. American singer prefers makeup in pin-up style, and never gives up color on the lips.

Perfume creator, singer and voice actress, her Prismatic World Tour ended recently, but Katy Perry  does not stop there. Born in California, what sets the singer it is her long hair raven who undergo continuous changes of color and blue eyes, always on top and valued black dall’eyeliner regarding the makeup.

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Nuanced Lips Makeup Trends

A mouth deliberately ‘imperfect’, the must of next season: play of colors and three-dimensional effects for lips cover and vitamin finish.

The only color in the center of the mouth to an outcome where “imperfection ‘is studied, so it’s just desired. This will be the must of next season: bright colors on the lips, vitamin, red first, but with a gradient effect, almost drooled. And ‘what they’re proposing the most famous makeup artist from major catwalks.

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How to Do Eye Makeup

All makeup needs to highlight the eyes to look beautiful and enhance the woman’s face. So, there is several secrets that help let the look much prettier with makeup. You must use the right products and techniques that have the power to let radiant eyes and perfect makeup. With that in mind, here are some tricks of makeup for the eyes that will make all the difference in your look.

Makeup Tips for Eyes

  1. One of the major secrets in time to make up your eyes is to take into consideration the color of clothes. But that doesn’t mean that you need to match the makeup with the clothes, but it is necessary to exist a harmony. For example, if you are using a colorful clothing and/or stamped, the shadow needs to be more neutral to not weigh the visual.
  2. To keep the shadow too loaded, the trick is to apply it gradually faded well until the shadow well homogeneous.
  1. Always use at least two shades of shadow to make your eyes in focus. The ideal is to use a shade lighter to illuminate the inside corner of the eye and a darker on the outer corner. That way, you can make the fusion between the shadows and get a beautiful contrast.
  2. One of the best tricks of makeup for the eyes, is to make the shadow last longer. To this end, the tip is to pass before everything, a thin layer of creamy shade and then the Compact.
  3. If you have big eyes, avoid shadows very vibrant and colorful. For this type of eye, the best choice is to opt for neutral shades and almost dull.
  4. To enhance the eyes, use the eyelash curler before moving the mask of Cilia. Also, on special occasions, bet on false eyelashes that make all the difference in the makeup for the eyes.
  5. Another trick of makeup for eyes which is very good, is before passing the eyeliner, make a mark with the pencil black or brown.In this way you run less risk of blurring.
  6. To make a smoky look perfect, a good tip is to pass first a medium brown across the eyelid and blending well. Then just apply the black shadow close to the lashes and up in smoke again.
  1. Don’t know shadow color to use? Prefer the brown tones, because this color goes with everything and you can’t miss.
  2. Among the best tricks of makeup for the eyes, it is worth highlighting the secrets to enhance your eyes. Who has small eyes, you can bet the pencil white or beige to pass on waterline instead of black. That’s because the light enhances the look, while the black pencil decreases.

For you learn to enhance your look even more, here’s a tutorial on how to make a ideal makeup for small eyes and large. However, if your goal is to deepen their knowledge and practices with the makeup, I recommend the professional makeup course online at Health-Beauty-Guides for only R$ 39.90.

How to Make a Natural Makeup

No woman needs to be always all produced to feel beautiful. After all, sometimes we want to make a more natural makeup, just to highlight our strengths and mask minor imperfections.

Therefore, in some situations, there is nothing wrong to set aside the lipstick color, the eye loaded and blushmarked to make it more beautiful naturally. The tendency of natural makeup has won increasingly adept and promises to continue making success.

The main idea of natural makeup is to make the face look more healthy valuing each skin tone. However, this kind of make no highlights any specific part of the face, as his priority is the naturalness. Want to know how to make that kind of makeup?

Then follow www.eshaoxing.info to learn how to make a natural makeup for you to use whenever you want!

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