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Colorama Enamels – New Releases

Launches of Colorama Enamels in 2018

The Colorama Enamel Mark launched this year the Africa à Vista collection, which is made up of eight enamels, which are part of the Nutriverniz line.
Nowadays women use the glazes as an accessory to complete the look, and was thinking about it that Colorama has launched colors that are super trendy trends for the fall and winter of 2018. Continue reading

Modern Decorated Nails – Photos

As always Modern Decorated Nails enchant the preference of women, even more in these modern times where we want everything different and everything that escapes the pattern, and with our nails is no different, so much so that we have varied models to bet on them.Who likes something different will even love the many trends that do not stop coming, even though it has several same, and each one more interesting than the other.So let’s try to show at least the most interesting and also the most used in the salons all over Brazil, so you can do it on your nail as well. Continue reading