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The Lady Blog Loves:Charity Bracelet by Yana Nesper

In the series “The Lady-Blog loves …” you will get to know your favorite parts of our wardrobe and their history.Whether new and expensive or old and worn out, whether designerware, homemade or off the shelf does not matter, the only criterion: We love it.This time I would like to introduce you to my charity charm bracelet by Yana Nesper – a gifted young designer for pearl jewelery from Pforzheim. Continue reading

Classic Style: Accessories

The Classic Style is one of the most beloved by women, whether for own accessories and pieces that never go out of fashion, or even to give the visual look more elegant and always dressed up. Women who prefer the Classic Style usually opt for items that are more sober and matching clothing items of major brands or inspired by big brands. Practitioners of this style are used in situations that require a more formal look, where pieces scatter symbols and established cuts make all the difference in the visual.

Normally the players that this style does not follow fashion trends, don’t opt for large, very flashy accessories necklines or more modern styles; are, as the name itself, classics. Continue reading

Pearls: How to Match Your Style

Pearl Jewelry are a classic that never go out of fashion and that increasingly have reached space on beauty accessories that complement a variety of looks. The pearls can let any sleek, feminine and sophisticated.

Although they are associated with more traditional looks, it is possible to create different compositions with these jewels and make modern and current combinations. Want to know how to include the pearls in your visual and learn to vary your production with the help of this accessory? So come with us. Continue reading