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Samsung Plant Galaxy S7 Edge

We have just reported that Samsung has ordered a prototype for a magnesium alloy unibody package from its supplier. And already follow the next information from SamMobile, that also for the upcoming Galaxy S7 an edge variant is to follow. Even the Galaxy S6 has received through the S6 Edge a worthy fellow player who attracted the customers almost magically. The innovative design and the functions of the curved display were too impressive to simply ignore. In 2016, a Galaxy S7 Edge is to be presented, which has the advantage of the Curved display. The rear of the smart phone is not known to consist of glass, but of a uniform metal case. Continue reading

Check Out the Most Anticipated Smart Phone Releases

Samsung phones, Apple and Lenovo are some of the most anticipated by users; Mobile World Congress can introduce some new releases

In the first months of each year, the smart phone makers start to show signs on their major releases. Consumers who want to switch cell phone, for your time, you can start analyzing the specifications of each model to make decisions on investments that will be made. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Have Akg Headphones

The information that the headsets of the upcoming Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus will be produced by AKG had already been confirmed by Samsung last month.The novelty is, of course, that actual headphone images have just leaked onto the internet – just like all the corners and angles of Sammy’s smart phone. Continue reading

IPad Rivals Invest in Videos Making Fun of Apple’s Tablet

One of the best things about advertising is ads/commercials/spots that make comparisons between products.

One of the best examples here in Brazil is Nissan’s great commercials.Who does not remember the damn ponies?But there were people who twisted their noses.

In the US they are common.The Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola commercials made history.And in the end both won.

In the field of tablets these actions of “guerilla” have provided us with some very creative videos.Follow: Continue reading

Samsung Announces Galaxy Smart phone Note II, with 5.5-Inch Screen

New version of the smart phone, announced in pre-show event, is released with Android 4.1 or Jelly Bean and new features for Stylus pen

Samsung announced on Wednesday (29), at an event before the opening of the IFA, one of the largest electronics fairs in Europe, the second version of the smart phone Galaxy Note. With a slightly larger screen, 5.5 inches, the new smart phone runs Android 4.1 or Jelly Bean, the latest operating system released by Google. The new product will come to Europe, Asia and the Middle East in October. Continue reading

Samsung Game Pad Turns Your Smart phone in Video Games

With similar videogame controls design, accessory is ideal for racing games, shooting and platform

Since the launch of the first iPhone, the games are among the most popular types of applications on smart phones. And that popularity only increases with the screens get bigger and increasingly powerful processors included in latest smart phones. Continue reading

Google Pixel: Hopper Not Included on the Water-Repellent Wave

We are seeing more and more mobile phones with dust-and water-resistant properties, but the upcoming Pixel mobiles from Google and HTC will not be a part of this company.

It is now generally known in mobile circuit, that they expected the next “Nexus-mobiles” that had to be manufactured by HTC, squarely will drop Nexus-name, and instead will be the brand under Google Pixel.

The other day we could even show some leaked image in reasonable high-quality, and now it’s so come more news about the alleged two phones Pixel and the Pixel XL. According to a known source of Android Police , the two units have a function that also Motorola Nexus 6 had, namely an IP53-certification.

This does not mean, however, that Pixel-phones will be water-and dust-resistant. On the contrary, the 3-number in certification an expression that the specimens will only be able to tolerate a certain amount of water under special circumstances. Continue reading

Smartwatch Group Market Share

As grows the Smartwatch Market, Apple and Samsung will be the only ones Who Will Benefit

An interesting report by Jan Dawon, Jackdaw Research Analyst, reveals what could be the scene of the smartwatch long-term market. As it is currently in the industry of the smartphones where Apple and Samsung are their clear players, the world of the smartwatch might not be very different from the reality that we live in today with smart phones.

Continue reading

iPhone 7 Smashing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Speed Tests

iPhone 7 WINS with lengths over Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in a new test, which the telecommunications ‘ speed and multitasking tested side-by-side.

Apple already has performed impressively well over for Android-the competitors when it comes to multitasking and heavy work with a multitude of applications and games running at once.

Last year’s iPhone 6s have thus already turned on Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note 7, and now Baggins Apple thick line below, that the new iPhone 7 with Apple’s A10 Fusion processor is the fastest and best on the market.

YouTube-channel PhoneBuff, who also is behind yesterday’s drop test between iPhone and iPhone 7 6s, have put the new iPhone 7 up against Samsung’s top model, Galaxy Note 7. Continue reading

Samsung Pushed for Early Note 7-Launch, But Ended in Crisis

Samsung would utilize an iPhone 7-launch without the big news and therefore pressed suppliers to an early launch of Note 7, but it backfired.

How could Samsung go from a garden the perfect competitor right up to the launch of Apple’s iPhone 7 for a short time after to end up in a huge crisis because of faulty batteries? It provides a new report from Bloomberg now insight into media.

According to several sources familiar with Samsung’s time in South Korea, Samsung for attempted to accelerate the launch of Galaxy Note 7, since the management of the South Korean giant last year heard allegations that Apple’s launch of the iPhone 7 would not bring the big news with it. Continue reading

Man Burned by Galaxy Note 7: the Plaintiff Now Samsung

An American man is suing Samsung, after he became the victim of the failed battery in Galaxy Note 7, which suddenly exploded in his trouser pocket.

Although Samsung makes everything that stands in the South Korean manufacturer’s power in order to get all of the 2.5 million. Sold Galaxy Note 7 phones returned from the first buyers and exchanged it for a new model, it has not been possible to avoid damage to persons, property and possessions since the recall.

American Jonathan Strobel are among the unfortunate 92 owners in the United States, in a new statement from Samsung last week had experienced that Note 7 went up in flames. He is even among the 26 users in the United States that have been affected by fire damage due to error in the phone. Continue reading

iPhone 7 Are Performing Drop Tests Better Than iPhone 6s

iPhone 7 are bad enough the country in stores before the first drop tests are published. One of the more accurate drop tests are now out and there is progress to track.

Apple’s iPhones have never been among the most resistant smartphones, especially when it comes to screens-but the manufacturer has, however, nor tried to turn them into it.

Nor with the year’s iPhone 7 are the recipe for the design changed significantly compared to last year’s iPhone 6s, but nevertheless, there are improvements to be found in the new iPhone.

YouTube-channel PhoneBuff has, in fact, performed one of his classic drop tests, which are carried out under controlled conditions as possible so thanks to a professional machine, which at the same time releasing two phones from exactly 1 meters down on a stone surface. Continue reading

Overview: New Low-Cost Carrier and iPhone 7 Gets Danish Debut

Here you get an overview of the most important news from the week that was.

The week has been big news in the Danish teledam. A new company challenge the incumbent telcos with extremely low prices-and Apple have launched two new flagships on the Danish market.

Tjeep: New telecom company promises Denmark’s cheapest subscriptions
Denmark has been a new telecommunications company richer: Tjeep calls itself Denmark’s cheapest telephone company, and with good reason: you get for an incredible amount of money.

Price check: Is the phone company Tjeep actually cheaper?
Denmark’s new telecom company, Tjeep, claim-Yes, actually guarantee-to have the country’s cheapest subscriptions. We have checked whether there are teams in the claim. Continue reading