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Tips For Using Plastic Sandals

Everyone, when going out for any corner, must carry a footwear, correct? Many people like to use some kind of footwear within their own residences. But why so much importance to an object which is not so repaired?

The importance of Footwear in A fashion production

Some people judge the shoes as an accessory, an adorner, something only to complement the production. The footwear is more than that. A footwear choice can retain itself all the fun out of the look, as if it’s pretty bad timing can lead to production below. There was a time when the shoes had the function of protecting the feet, but today he has as a major aesthetic functions and, especially, social status. Continue reading

New Tropical Fashion Trend 2016

Flower prints, paradise birds, palm trees and exotic fruits make their comeback in our closets! 25 pieces to adopt the trend this summer.

This trend very “happy” with us for the past few seasons and is clearly on track to stay, to our delight!
We must admit, we begin to think more and more to the holiday … Finished pieces with dark tones and the minimalist looks that we still loved it not so long! We can now reveal our exotic and fun side, with the integration of vegetation we like the heart of our different looks: in town or in the tropics, it is played “wild jungle” because this was all tropical motif is allowed!
A trend that fills us with nostalgia, reminding us sunsets and multi-colored Cadillac 50s, especially when seen combined on jerseys tall and models a very retro room. Clothing and accessories carry printed came straight from the Amazon rainforest and beaches of California to give this exotic touch that was lacking in our outfits.
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What Wear for Christmas Dinner

Damn it! It is already reaching the end of the year again! Year flew right ?! And you already thought about what to wear this Christmas? Check out tips feminine looks for Christmas 2016!

The Christmas is a special time of celebration, when we find everywhere the fraternization atmosphere that arises during this period.

It is very common for families to meet this date so important. However, in addition to family gatherings nowadays it is very common meetings between friends or co-workers, and corporate Christmas parties, which require different looks, especially female.

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Look of the Day: like Mother, like Daughter!

Hey Divas!

All right with you?

This week I went to a birthday party for 15 years and had that the crisis: I have nothing to wear #Who never?
So … When I went to the mall with my mom powerful buy the gift of birthday boy, I fell and temptation and spent the card! After hours and hours in search of a play “X” which, for a change, not found (I don’t know about you, but sometimes I wonder some clothes in my mind and not quiet until you buy the blessed. The problem is almost never find my desires, so I always get angry! RS), I ended up buying this dress long, because I think I’m going to use enough now in the summer!

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Monkey: How to Shake with the Hit of the Time

The hit of the time? Missed who thought in dress orshort, the monkeys are with all this season and, of course, must continue… are light and versatile, one of the hits from the 80s back and all, because they are extremely feminine, charming and delicate, a real Joker, who let any stylish production. Democratic super can be printed, smooth, fluffy, fair, in jeans, the play is a great investment, but, of course, like everything else, you have to know how to use and abuse it.

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Top 5 Summer 2016 Trends

With the new station hitting the door, of course, that can’t be anxious and super attentive to news that promise to make the head and the closets of chicks.

And from what we can see on the catwalks we will see still too cropped top, jeans, ethnic prints, long jackets, fashion of the years 70, asymmetry, maxi-brincos … items that will continue grooming shop Windows.

But wait, we select our main bets between the trends presented on the runway, which already are worth an onslaught in the next trip to the Mall, because they promise, of course, make the streets hottest stations of the year.

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