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Ben Sherman: What’s New for The Fall-Winter 2010 / 2011

Ben Sherman, that is certainly one of the most popular fashion brands among the mods and the skinheads (they not only consume them, but they were a distinctive aesthetic of these groups) is back with force for this season Fall winter 2010 / 2011. Although it retains its peculiar singularities that make him unrecognizable as the small paintings, the very tight to the body cutting, button on the back of the neck and, in shirts short sleeve, take two characteristic cuts in the middle of the sleeve, We can see some developments in your clothes. Continue reading

Summer Fashion Sweaters

Eclectic, the 2011 summer blouses come in different styles and from various inspirations. The main bets for this season’s blouses get Ethereal influences, male references and romantic touches. Key parts of the summer contrast strong elements with the more glamorous. Following an aesthetic, which, at the same time, is smooth, delicate, but very bold and original. Continue reading

Dna Groove

Now for the fall when other designers are betting on the gray and gloomy colors make DNA Grooveexactly the opposite. With an obvious wink to 60-talets modsera and a color spectrum as wide as imaginatively, none allowed to be charmed by the brand’s playfulness. Behind the design for the Swedish market, says the Italian Alessandro Detassis, who runs the shop Igor the Dog in Gothenburg. Homayra case with DNA Groove is to put a little more color on the Swedes and have had their clothes worn by, among other things.drummer in the Soundtrack of Our Lives and Sebastian. Continue reading

How to Wear Ladies Shirts

One of the most-convenient and preferred clothing during the warmer months of the year are the shirts. It is a garment that can combine with almost everything pants, jeans, skirts, blouses and other tops. With the advent of the new season modern woman tosses most used to date clothes and looking for a new way to date. One of the clothes in the wardrobe ladies that you can use year’s shirt. The advantage of ladies shirt that easily combines both the strict clothing and a daily vision. It can safely be called a symbol of true style.

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What Is My Body Type

Meet our body type is critical to determine which are the pieces of clothing that most favor our ways, which become indispensable accessories to favor certain areas and which we must put aside when the goal is to hide any problem area.

When we have clear which group belongs to our silhouette, will be much easier to choose the most suitable clothes for us. However, many women do not know the usual ratings don’t even know where to start; If this is your case, this article will resolve your doubts. Find out what your body type and how to make it great.

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How to Match Skinny Jeans


The skinny jeans are those tight pants, tight at the ankle, which enhance the sinuous lines and give that sexy touch and glamor to which we women do not want to give up. Plus they are very practical and guarantee freedom of movement and comfort throughout the day. As their name suggests in English “skinny”, they are almost a second skin, like leggings, and if worn with the right precautions, make it look slender and toned legs. In this guide, then we see how to match skinny jeans in 3 different occasions. Continue reading

Fashion Tips according to Body Type

Apple or Oval Body

This is one of the easiest to distinguish silhouettes; the apple or oval body features:

  • Rounded shoulders.
  • Big breasts.
  • Wide waist and not defined.
  • Big hips.

In this kind of legs silhouettes can be thin or not, but the fat is concentrated mostly in the abdomen to form belly. If account with this type of body must stay in your ideal weight, because the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area increases the risk of suffering heart problems and diseases such as diabetes. Some of the famous with this body are Queen Latifah or Adele.

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How to Wear Leggings with Skirts

Originally worn by dancers to keep their calf cramps, leggings have become a fashion accessory in the 1980s Since then, leggings were out of style, but returned with a vengeance. Wear leggings with skirts offers a fashionable look that you can have fun with, choosing a variety of colors, textures and patterns to accentuate your style.

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How to Wear for Work

I work most stylish paparazzi look around the Italian city. Today we introduce you Kaisha Bhicaji Davierwalla, account executive for a design gallery collector, who loves to mix original parts but without excess.

Name Kaisha Bhicaji Davierwalla City Milano Profession account executive for a design gallery collectibles How work affects your look and vice versa? “When they’re in the tunnel I always have to be very concentrated: wear clothes in which I feel at ease helps have no distractions. For me elegance and professionalism go hand in hand. Being well dressed I need to interact better with customers and higher. Normally I avoid bracelets, earrings and various trinkets: distract me and not feel the need to weigh the look … On the other hand employment hours to decide coat and shoes, they must be comfortable as well as beautiful.” Continue reading

The 2016 Womenswear Clothing

If you do conservative style, the fashion clothing in 2016 are its beach. We have not so hard back in 2015 as the high waist, longer sleeves, without much neck and behaved transparency. Everything is more discreet and brands are showing fairly conservative for the next year, an inspiration in European high seam that seems to become trend for the coming seasons.

The station seems to be the key piece Macaquito. Low cut, with front slit or V – neck and even bare back, worth investing in lighter fabrics thinking about summer fashion as cotton or stick with the classic Macaquito jeans for casual. The piece goes well with the new sandals gladiator also super trend for autumn winter 2016. It still sneakers, shoes shorties and his beloved high heels and wedges to stay chic and practical.

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