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App Expert Roland Resch Says

“Smart alarm for Smart Watch” for Android helps you to start the day more relaxed. Unlike the traditional alarm clock, the sound of the app does not sound stubborn at a fixed time, but in a more appropriate, gentle sleep phase shortly before. For detection purposes, the add-on uses the accelerometer of your Sony Smart watch (model 1 or 2).

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Sony: the Xperiament

Sony phones of the Xperia series come with high score and is an integral part of the top 10 of our leaderboard. We will show you the mobile phones of the Japanese manufacturer, from the small Xperia Ninja up to XXL-Sumo.

At the beginning of the 90s the first Sony mobile phones saw the light of the mobile phone world. in 2001, Sony in terms decided to cooperate with Ericsson phones and since 2012 going seperate ways again. Since 2008, Sony marketed its Android based phones under the Xperia brand. In our Mobile leaderboard cavort some Xperias. Continue reading

New to Cyberport: Sony Ericsson Liveview Mn800

Android on the wrist
After a few start-up difficulties in the first year, Android is currently developing into a success story. More and more manufacturers of smart phones and tablets have been working on the mobile operating system, according to figures and market share, the iPhone has already been left behind, and the accessory industry is increasingly discovering a potential sales market.The latest example of an innovative gadget comes from Sony Ericsson and listens to the name LiveView. In brief, this is an infodisplay, which allows the smart phone to be easily remotely controlled. Since yesterday the Sony Ericsson LiveView (MN800) is available at Cyberport and this attracted my attention. Continue reading

Sony Rx100 ll in the Test

A year ago, the Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 was color photo test winner in the compact class. Now ColorFoto tested the successor RX100 II.

One of the major differences to its predecessor sits on top of the Sony Cybershot RX 100 II: hot shoe, which can include not only a flash unit, but also an electronic viewfinder. Inside the camera now has Wi-Fi and an NFC chip, Sony has refurbished the Exmor CMOS sensor also claims. He has an effective resolution of 20.2 mega pixels with a size of an inch as the previous model. Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium with 4K Display Presented

The first smart phone with 4K display has seen the light of the world, at least this describes Sony so similar during the presentation of the new Xperia Z5 family. About the Sony Xperia Z5 Compactas well as the Xperia Z5 we have already reported in separate articles. With the Z5 Premium, Sony shakes a surprise from the sleeve.

As, among other things, Golem reported, the 4K refer however only to the display and videos. For apps, the user has to take a smaller resolution, because the used Snapdragon can not provide the necessary performance yet. Nevertheless, the first step seems to be made towards 4K Ultra-HD smart phone. Let’s take a look at the intrinsic values ​​of the new Xperia Z5 Premium. Continue reading

Samsung Game Pad Turns Your Smart phone in Video Games

With similar videogame controls design, accessory is ideal for racing games, shooting and platform

Since the launch of the first iPhone, the games are among the most popular types of applications on smart phones. And that popularity only increases with the screens get bigger and increasingly powerful processors included in latest smart phones. Continue reading

Smartwatch Group Market Share

As grows the Smartwatch Market, Apple and Samsung will be the only ones Who Will Benefit

An interesting report by Jan Dawon, Jackdaw Research Analyst, reveals what could be the scene of the smartwatch long-term market. As it is currently in the industry of the smartphones where Apple and Samsung are their clear players, the world of the smartwatch might not be very different from the reality that we live in today with smart phones.

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Sony Xperia X Compact-Small Is Not Always Good [Test]

Sony tries again to squeeze the best electronics in a compact format. This year failed.

Sony as a company worthy of praise. Back in 2014, the company single-handedly went against the current trend toward ever-larger and broke with smartphones.

They launched Xperia Z1 Compact-a topmobil with smartphone with topspecifikationer squeezed into a small smartly Cabinet.

The success did not materialize is not.

Sony’s Compact-series became a fixture in URmobilpriser.dks monthly top 10 since the release, and in Denmark are Compact series Sony’s best selling series ever.
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No Jack Plug in iPhone 7? Here Are 5 Cool Wireless Solutions

Apple will cut the cable to the headset over and instead bet on wireless audio. Our site offers here at the five best wireless headsets for iPhone 7.

Apple took a significant decision the previous week, as the company could reveal that the plug to the headset should now be sent into retirement.

Tech-giant believes that the time is now ripe to invest in the wireless instead — something which the company selected by launching their first wireless headset: Apple AirPod.

The new headset is admittedly fine and elegant, but quite cheap, they are now not. Would you at the same time, larger sound, noise reduction or water resistance must also be sought elsewhere. Continue reading

Sony XB950BT-a Cheap Basbombe [Test]

Sony headset XB950BT has a cryptic name, but offers plenty of quality and bass for the money.

Wireless audio costs, especially when seen on larger units, for there are producers most often generous with comfort, sound quality, operating times and functions.

Just such a one is Sony’s XB950BT – but at a point separates the one: the price. Cheapest model on the net is seen for a little over a thousand dollars, and pre-order you one of Sony’s new Xperia XZ phones you get it for free with additional purchase.

It sounds enticing, but it must now increasingly sounds good.

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Sony Xperia X Compact Can Now Be Purchased in Denmark

Today is Sony’s new compact smartphone, Xperia X Compact, country in the Danish shops. See here how you can get hold of a copy and at what price.

Two weeks ago, Sony unveil manufacturer’s two new Android phones at the major IFA exhibition in Berlin: the little Xperia X Compact and the somewhat larger and more powerful top model Xperia XR.

The first of the two smartphones, Xperia X Compact, is as scheduled now out in a long row of the Danish shops and webshops. Sony announced the phone with an indicative price on Danish 3,499 dollars, and it is an price, which of course also put out with negotiators.

If you want to buy the new, small 4.6 “Sony Xperia X Compact home from a physical store, you might want to take a swing by Suzlon wind energy, POWER or Expert, just as telecommunications companies Telia and Call me at time of writing leads one of Sony’s new phones. Continue reading

Sony Xperia X Compact-the First Meeting [Web]

Sony’s newest compact-mobile unites design, strong camera and good performance with a smartly small enclosure.

Sony Compact series of Z-mobiles has since its introduction has been a big seller among the Danish mobile audience.

Association of highly giblets, simple design works-when it gets packed down into a small enclosure that doesn’t take up a lot more than an iPhone VIEW with cover on.

In its latest incarnation, the Xperia X Compact, chooses Sony to remove water resistance, as well as the screw slightly down for the performance. Instead, the focus is on camera and software experience and the price is now sharper than ever.

See why with including, where we our site takes its first look at the Sony compact star phone.

Most Important of All: the Mobile Camera Must Be Speedily

Study: when important and funny moments to test with your phone, there is one thing that is true: camera must be ready to shoot immediately.

We are photographing loose with mobile-in fact, it is only one in fifteen smartphone users who do not have shot some photos with your phone in the past month.

But when the moment to test and shared, it a number of requirements for mobile camera. It is stated in the new Sony Mobile study that looks at what is required of a good mobile camera. Continue reading