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Classic Fashion From United States

We have previously highlighted the fall collections of several classic British and Italian manufacturers. Therefore we thought we now take a look at what the Americans have to offer. American fashion previously have often been associated with at fit and a rather pale design seems to have undergone a total change. Or what do you think? Continue reading

Man Burned by Galaxy Note 7: the Plaintiff Now Samsung

An American man is suing Samsung, after he became the victim of the failed battery in Galaxy Note 7, which suddenly exploded in his trouser pocket.

Although Samsung makes everything that stands in the South Korean manufacturer’s power in order to get all of the 2.5 million. Sold Galaxy Note 7 phones returned from the first buyers and exchanged it for a new model, it has not been possible to avoid damage to persons, property and possessions since the recall.

American Jonathan Strobel are among the unfortunate 92 owners in the United States, in a new statement from Samsung last week had experienced that Note 7 went up in flames. He is even among the 26 users in the United States that have been affected by fire damage due to error in the phone. Continue reading

Price of Moto 360 Smartwatch

The first smart watch to adopt a really attractive design could cost 249 €

Currently we already have a sizable catalog of smart watches in the market and that list is expected to expand in the coming months. Most large technology companies have already announced that they are working on their smart watches and these will see the light before the end of the year (Apple so far has not done), but certainly one of the most promising devices is which he is preparing Motorola.

Continue reading

New Figures: So Comprehensive Is Note 7-Problem Has Been

Since Samsung began the withdrawal of Galaxy Note 7 for two weeks ago, there has been far more incidents and injuries than they first announced 35.

It is now two weeks ago that Samsung announced a complete sales stop and a recall of the brand new Galaxy Note 7, which does not even had struck the Danish store shelf yet due to a high demand.

Samsung announce that the 2. September was reported as about 35 incidents where the battery in the phone shorted out, overheated and went up in flames. Since then, there have been many more incidents and injuries as a result of the 2.5 million. Error hit the phones, as Samsung trying hard to get the early buyers to return or Exchange. Continue reading

Samsung Gets Fake Complaints about Burned down Galaxy Note 7 Phones

Owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in 15 different countries have sent Samsung false complaints about the phone is broken in the fire.

Samsung has it not easy in these weeks when the blunder with battery problems in the top model Galaxy Note 7 led to that Samsung had to stop all sales of and at the same time, revoke your phone.

It will be no easier by the fact that the South Korean producer struggling with false alerts on the phone is gone in the fire.

To the website ZDNet Announces Samsung as the producer has received at least 26 reviews, there have been teams in the, about Note 7-phones that have gone up in flames since the recall. Continue reading

Netflix-Chief: the Amount of Own Shows Will Explode

In the future, half of our programs be Netflix-produced, sounds objective from streamingselskabet.

When you today tuner from streaminggiganten Netflix, are the few programs that are produced by Netflix themselves. The company will change.

In an interview with the American Variety, will present Finance Director, David Wells, Netflix’s plans for future programmes. “We’ve been on a multi-year course towards more and more own-produced programs, […]We are now somewhere between two-thirds to half way from reaching our goal of 50 percent original Netflix shows ”

In 2016, the company will launch 600 hours of self-produced series and movies, a gain of 33% compared to 450 times the original Netflix programs by 2015. Continue reading