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Market Overview: Clocks with Moon Phase Display

122 Models in the overview–Download now for free!

Clocks with Moon-phase display are available in a wide selection, but which ones are suitable? That depends on the claim. For this complication, which is like to be seen on wristwatches, differs the type of indication as well as its precision: the simple lunar phase display differs by one day in three years. They are therefore also found in smaller brands such as Zeno-Watch Basel, Schauer or Edox, the clocks are located in the middle of the price range or in the entry area. Here you can download the market overview to 122 clocks with lunar phase display. Continue reading

Asus Zenwatch This Week Limited in Germany

Oui, she finally comes to Germany, the ASUS ZenWatch. As the PR department announces today with a press release, you can buy the ZenWatch on December 12 at the in-house online shop at a price of only 229 euros. The first piece is, however, limited, as the manufacturer still adds. Anyone who still has to wait for the Christmas money anyway, the clock can then also buy in the new year “from early 2015” quite normal in the German trade. So it is not always limited, but for Early Adopter first. Continue reading

Lg Watch Tested

It took a long time, but with the LG G Watch R, we now had an Android Wear watch for the first time in our test. The wait was even worthwhile, because now Android Wear is already in the next stage and with Version 5.0 was only recently supplied with a major update. Android Wear was improved, but a huge fan I am not really. But now it is less about Android Wear, but much more about the hardware, which LG in the form of G Watch R currently delivers. Continue reading

ZTE Axon Watch Review

Chinese brand has brought its first smart watch the MWC and these are our impressions

Last year the smartwatch came strongly to the MWC, but this year the effect seems to have faded and most manufacturers have brought new products presented a few months or the same models last year ago. Among the smartwatch that have been announced more recently found the Axon Watch , the first smart watch company ZTE has not yet reached the market and the price is unknown.

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Smartwatch Group Market Share

As grows the Smartwatch Market, Apple and Samsung will be the only ones Who Will Benefit

An interesting report by Jan Dawon, Jackdaw Research Analyst, reveals what could be the scene of the smartwatch long-term market. As it is currently in the industry of the smartphones where Apple and Samsung are their clear players, the world of the smartwatch might not be very different from the reality that we live in today with smart phones.

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Pebble Steel Smartwatch Best Buy

The new high-end model with leather strap Pebble will be available from Saturday at $ 230

On Sunday June 15 arrives at Best Buy stores smart watch the Pebble Steel, the high-end model of popular smartwatch , with full compatibility with all Apple iOS devices. This is definitely a high-end watch and can clearly be perceived by the material used as the steel sphere square or leather strap, materials that give an air of sportiness to the watch.

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Moto 360 Outside US

The Expected Smartwatch Motorola Could Arrive Later Than Expected to Other Markets

The Moto 360 has earned the title of one of the most anticipated this year smartwatch with iWatch permission, of course. Although the company has not wanted to reveal as yet no specific launch date, it is known that the device will hit the market in late summer, so probably at the end of September many users can start enjoying it.

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Metawatch M1 Luxury Smartwatch

Meta M1 has been designed by the famous industrial designer Frank Nuovo and his renowned team

We do not know what is attracting so many professionals and companies that so far have remained outside the technology industry to embark on the adventure of developing your own smartwatch , but the truth is that this young market is growing at leaps and bounds and forecasts for the coming months are even better: iWatch, Moto 360, smartwatch of Microsoft, etc…

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Price of Moto 360 Smartwatch

The first smart watch to adopt a really attractive design could cost 249 €

Currently we already have a sizable catalog of smart watches in the market and that list is expected to expand in the coming months. Most large technology companies have already announced that they are working on their smart watches and these will see the light before the end of the year (Apple so far has not done), but certainly one of the most promising devices is which he is preparing Motorola.

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No Jack Plug in iPhone 7? Here Are 5 Cool Wireless Solutions

Apple will cut the cable to the headset over and instead bet on wireless audio. Our site offers here at the five best wireless headsets for iPhone 7.

Apple took a significant decision the previous week, as the company could reveal that the plug to the headset should now be sent into retirement.

Tech-giant believes that the time is now ripe to invest in the wireless instead — something which the company selected by launching their first wireless headset: Apple AirPod.

The new headset is admittedly fine and elegant, but quite cheap, they are now not. Would you at the same time, larger sound, noise reduction or water resistance must also be sought elsewhere. Continue reading

Three Games You Should Have on Your Apple Watch

Mobile games are not only limited to the smart phone or your handheld console-they are available also for the wrist.

Wearable gaming is still in the process of stepping up its first League matches, and neither the supply of games or their popularity approaching far big brothers iPad and iPhone. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t good gaming experiences to find your Apple Watch, even though it is still a challenge to make immersive games that can sit on a wrist.

The best games are the ones that manage to adapt the game to the format, without just being a mini version of a similar iPhone games. We have found three such games, which all have in common is that they manage to create a real gaming experience on your Apple Watch. Continue reading

Watches Trends

Steel And White Gold Gets You Frequently See

If one has tried in recent years to a variety of materials for housing and bracelets, can be seen in the watch trend in 2016 that one back to the classics of the watch turns materials: steel and white gold.Not surprisingly, this view not only look good, they also convince by their durability and polishing properties of the material.

An advantage, which leads straight in vintage watches, that they are still in good condition even after tens of years. White gold is likely to be the alternative to 2016er trendy rose gold last year. Speak to me personally at a little more than the rosé version, what do you like better?

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Tag Heuer Smart Watches

Smart watches are a favorite topic of technological media, but still finding it hard to attract a mass audience to first purchase. Hardware manufacturers dominate this market, but accelerated development apparently began to worry traditional producer of classic watches that are forced to turn their attention in this direction. Particularly sharp intensification of promises for inclusion in the niche occur after the announcement of Apple Watch, which gave a clear signal to everyone that it is time to think about what is happening exercise.

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How to Distinguish a Fake Casio Watch

It is very common nowadays find fakes of any model and series of Casio watches, luxury editions not only more affordable series but also because they are the most sold.

To avoid purchasing Casio watches than the original the best we can do is buy it in a store or authorized dealer, or if you have acquired elsewhere and we doubt, take it to a dealer for veriquen us.

Still, we ourselves can check our watch and try to verify that we have in our hands an original Casio.

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