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List with the Best Beats Headphones for Sale in Brazil

Beats is the most famous brand of headphones in the world and has a variety of models for sale in Brazil. Prices are not the most affordable, however the quality is flawless. That’s why TechTudo has listed five models that can appeal to a wide range of users, from athletes to professionals, using the traditional audio quality and aesthetic beauty of Dr.Dre’s brand. Continue reading

Smartwatch Group Market Share

As grows the Smartwatch Market, Apple and Samsung will be the only ones Who Will Benefit

An interesting report by Jan Dawon, Jackdaw Research Analyst, reveals what could be the scene of the smartwatch long-term market. As it is currently in the industry of the smartphones where Apple and Samsung are their clear players, the world of the smartwatch might not be very different from the reality that we live in today with smart phones.

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No Jack Plug in iPhone 7? Here Are 5 Cool Wireless Solutions

Apple will cut the cable to the headset over and instead bet on wireless audio. Our site offers here at the five best wireless headsets for iPhone 7.

Apple took a significant decision the previous week, as the company could reveal that the plug to the headset should now be sent into retirement.

Tech-giant believes that the time is now ripe to invest in the wireless instead — something which the company selected by launching their first wireless headset: Apple AirPod.

The new headset is admittedly fine and elegant, but quite cheap, they are now not. Would you at the same time, larger sound, noise reduction or water resistance must also be sought elsewhere. Continue reading