Telmore Play Expands with Two Cheaper Packages

TELMORE expands the popular TELMORE PLAY system with two smaller packages for you, who can make do with fewer services to a sharper price.

TELMORE has since 2014 had the popular’ TELMORE play product, which the phone company offers a wealth of content services together with a subscription to a sharp price.

Much has happened since the launch of the-at that time-new concept, and therefore relaunches TELMORE now Play package and adjust it to the changing needs of the consumers.

Therefore now consists of the entire Play TELMORE three different packages, rather than just the one, which has hitherto existed. Therefore, there is much more flexibility when choosing a subscription with TELMORE Play. If you are mostly for movies and tv series, it in all probability ‘ TELMORE Play with movies and series ‘ that suits you best. Here you get access to both HBO for Nordic and TV 2 PLAY.

If music is more you offer TELMORE now also ‘TELMORE Play with Music and Magazines’. In this package you will have access to the streaming service TELMORE Music and a host of magazines such as Euroman/woman, Donald Duck, ALL for the ladies and Here & now via magazine service Flipp.

Finally, but not least, you can of course also still choose the traditional TELMORE Play package, where you get all the content services in the field of music, tv shows, movies, magazines in one and the same package as usual. Here you get all of the above services as well as Mofibo, my Bio and C More with in the package.

The two new options with smaller but more focused packages are created in order to respond to the many consumers who can be satisfied with a smaller share of the large amount of content services that are in TELMORE Play.

“TELMORE Play now has been around for nearly 2 ½ years and has been a great success for TELMORE. It is also for this reason that we have now decided to build on the product and broad it even more out. But we can also see that it is not everyone who needs access to it all. Some will primarily have access to television content, while others will have a music-streaming service and magazines. That is why we have listened to the needs of customers and launches the two smaller versions of TELMORE Play, composed after the primary demand among our customers, “ tells the Director in TELMORE, Jens grønlund.

The new Committee of TELMORE Play packages looks thus as follows:

TELMORE Play Music and Magazines TELMORE Music
179 kr.
TELMORE Play Movies and Series HBO Nordic
Tv2 Play
199 kr.
TELMORE Play Premium HBO Nordic
Tv2 Play
My Bio
(C) More
249 kr.

No matter which of the three TELMORE Play packages you choose, you have the choice of either 15 hours of speech and 25 GB of data or free speech and 12 GB of data. The price is unchanged regardless of whether you choose one or other subscription-only TELMORE Play package that determines the price.