Test Liquid Armor: Screen Protector Liquid For Smartphone

In a previous article, we discussed the different ways to protect his smartphone . Between shell, cover and bumper, no mention of protection has been made on how to protect just the screen.

This article from photionary.com corrects this oversight and presents a product that makes it easy to protect the screens of smartphones. To protect a phone screen, I thought there were only protective films that, when they are of poor quality, are difficult to position and greatly reduce the sensitivity of your touch screen.

I can not remember how many times I had to replace the movie on my iPod Touch. But that was before. Before our partner Amahousse sent us a new product that they have in their novelties.

It was an opportunity for me to bring out the old iPod that has been with me for years.

The product: Liquid Armor-Glass screen protector

As the name suggests, the Liquid Armor is a liquid screen protector that is applied on laptop glass screens. The goal is to provide scratch protection that is simple to apply and resistant. The package we received contained:

A wipe containing the Liquid Armor;

A microfiber cloth to clean the screen;

A user manual in several languages ​​(French, English, Spanish, German …);

The package is basic but for a screen protection, there is everything you need.

Liquid Armor technology

Liquid screen protection is based on nano-technology processes that make it possible to fill the irregularities of glass screens and thus give them better resistance to aggressions.

Everyone has ever seen the Carglass ad on TV with the product that fits into the screen cracks? The Liquid Armor is based on a similar technology which in addition covers all the glass of the screen.

The result is a screen that is as reactive as it is unprotected, with untouched visibility and no dust on the sides like protective films.

Application of the product

The product itself applies fairly simply. After carefully cleaning the screen with the microfiber cloth and opening the Liquid Armor bag, simply put the impregnated wipe on the screen of the smartphone or tablet.

Watch out for the wipe, there are white traces that appear. The notice says not to worry and actually 24 hours after laying the product, it is possible to remove all the white traces by passing a microfiber cloth stroke.


Features of Armor-Liquid protection

First observation after laying the product and the first 24 hours passed, we find a screen that reacts as well as before.

On the level of visibility, nothing to say. You get the impression that there is not really anyprotection on the screen . Which is a good point for the Liquid Armor. Reading the leaflet clearly shows that protection is only effective for six months.

Compared to a protective film it is a bit short as protection period. It will be necessary to remember the date of laying in order to be able to repeat the operation which can be slightly handicapped.

As for the protection itself, nothing is worth the good test of the keystroke on the screen to ensure that the scratches do not mark the screen protected with the Liquid Armor.