The 2016 Womenswear Clothing

If you do conservative style, the fashion clothing in 2016 are its beach. We have not so hard back in 2015 as the high waist, longer sleeves, without much neck and behaved transparency. Everything is more discreet and brands are showing fairly conservative for the next year, an inspiration in European high seam that seems to become trend for the coming seasons.

The station seems to be the key piece Macaquito. Low cut, with front slit or V – neck and even bare back, worth investing in lighter fabrics thinking about summer fashion as cotton or stick with the classic Macaquito jeans for casual. The piece goes well with the new sandals gladiator also super trend for autumn winter 2016. It still sneakers, shoes shorties and his beloved high heels and wedges to stay chic and practical.

Fashion Clothes 2016: What Is Here to Stay

The greatest revival this year is still income, with full force. The combination of lace and tulle goes super high in dresses, blouses and skirts for everyone. Vale income or very little worked, but she jumps. Forget the gloss for now fashionistas in combinations for the night and get the details of the classic fabric.

Transparency is one of the strongest bets for fashion clothes 2016, especially in blouses and shirts. The outfits are shy with naked or only on the sleeves back worth showing the body in some way. You can now find out there shirts with back and transparent sleeves. May be the question: what match? Simple: with top or bra same. No problem show bra straps, even though with sleeves and transparent lap. Our best tip is to opt for a top model or strapless, is cool, classy and is basic and comfortable equally.

Conjuntinhos return with everything. They are pieces of the same color, not necessarily from the same cloth, but is elegant wear pants and shirt of the same fabric, almost a jumpsuit. Overall for the time being out a little scene, then give preference to parts and will be updated in fashion. Still invest in skirt and blouse of the same color, light colors for summer fashion and the most closed or double black and white classic for winter fashion. Striped Conjuntinhos is the latest fashion.Invest!

Fashion Clothes 2016 for Parties

If the agenda are already weddings, graduations and debutante balls on the agenda, start thinking in dresses. All know: are not easy parts of getting last minute, unless if there is a friendship between the owner of the boutique or shop to rent clothes. Otherwise you can go wrong.

And what to take home? One of the must have pieces is still the strapless. The straight cut of the bust is the favorite of fashionistas fascinated and as fairly values ​​the body, whether long or short, is your best choice to be ready for everything. The cropped with brightness are high, but are not sequins, okay? They are covered with bright jewels in formats other than the known balls of sequins. They are great dresses for the night.