The 5 Deadly Sins of Fashion

Hello people,
Dated yesterday!?? OK, ok … question as cliche and more annoying for those who’re single, right?! So let’s just change the subject and raise controversies here!!
The 5 deadly mistakes that many people make, or has made, you end up with any production. Let’s start:

Put your hand up there who already had one and used it thinking that nobody was watching and that was super discreet! I’ve used and I thought I was shaking on transparency! RS remember when they became fashion!? As it is … I’m glad I didn’t sell well. But it is common to see some people still use. Folks, silicone strap appears so much that shines! If you have any lost around the case play out!!!!!.
Some people love and others hate leggings. In fact, they are super comfortable and versatile for use in everyday life or in a production more night. The big problem is to use leggings with tissues that they are transparent and show more than they should. OK, transparency is something sexy and such a.. but let’s say that kind of transparency is not cool! RS
Have some love handles (or excess hotness) that jump a little bit on the waistband of the pants is one thing. Now, use a pair of some smaller numbers 3 is another! Pants too tight is bad, the movement, gives cellulite, varicose veins … So on the purchase on the date of the number that appears on the label, the time that things were standardized. Buy to dress well and be good in your body, without worrying about whether she is 42 or 38 on ALLPUBLICLIBRARIES.
N has what comment, huh!? Nipples are controversial and that’s final.
The doctor Rey approves looks with nipples in sight. But we don’t like this kind of sense! RS
You can say that you must have committed some!!!!! RS
If anyone can think of any more tense error leave it in the comments!