The 8 Best Fitness, Workout and Tracking Apps [Tip]

We have created a list of the best træningsapps to iPhone and Android. What is best for GPS tracking, workout programs and general fitness.

Autumn is upon us and it is for some time to get started with your exercise. Your phone can in many cases be a distracting factor, but other times, it is also a very helpful tool. With your phone, you can track your training session (if you don’t track your exercise and shared it socially, then it’s probably never happened?), find new training exercises, get help with training programs and guides to do the exercises correctly.

We have compiled a list of the apps, which we think makes it best of all. The apps we have selected covers a wide variety of training types, and some are specifically designed for a particular sport. In the end, they all would like to make your workouts more fun, and motivate you to continue. Whether it is social in it, a quest for improvement or anything else is relative.

Let’s get started, so we can get in shape.

Endomondo – social GPS tracker for all disciplines

Endomondo covers a great many training types-from running to fencing. In short, the app’s mission is to motivate for an active life. Endomondo is trying, to make training more fun and more exciting. How do they do so? Endomondo has the large social network where your friends can “Like” and comment on your workouts. One of the real cool thing about Endomondo is the so-called “PEP talks”. In the app you can see when your friends are unable to train, and then you have the possibility to send them an audio message, which should motivate them to continue exercising. Endomondo is good when you want to have a tracking app that covers the entire spectrum. It has however the disadvantage that the app will never be quite as precise and professional as other specialized tracking apps, because the samples that cover all these sports. E.g. one can rarely count on the amount of calories the app tells you you have burnt. At times, there may be problems with the trackingen/GPS signal and the app remembers e.g. not your settings, if you switch your phone off.


Strava-Best tracking for you on bike

Strava means “striving”, and it is precisely the Strava’s objectives; We must strive to improve ourselves physically. Strava has also a social part, Endomondo but unfortunately it is not so many who use this app, so it will never be as good as on Endomondo. On the other hand, Strava shines when it comes to competition; both competition with friends and others, but also against yourself. With a wide range of statistics you get Strava during your workouts, and its forces is clearly cycling and running. Your distance, pace, speed, elevation, etc. will be analysed and compared to other users on Strava, so there is all the time focus on improvement. Strava supports ANT + and bluetooth devices, such as heart rate monitors.Its GPS tracking is very accurate. A few things in the app requires that you buy the Premium version, but one does not have to pay to use it.

Runkeeper-a good allrounder

Runkeeper is very similar to Endomondo, and trying to cover up on several sports. Its specialty is, however, ran, as the name also reveals. One of the cool things about Runkeeper is its built-in training goals. You can choose what your goal is with the training is-e.g. losing weight-and then make it a training plan from it at the same time reminds the you also about your workout, so you don’t even “forget” it. With Runkeeper can also subsequently to plot a route you’ve been out on, but forgotten to tracking, and then measured the length of the trip and speed mm. Runkeepers interface, however, is not among the nicest and most user friendly. Runkeeper supports Google Apple Fit and Health.


Runtastic-Best tracking to the runner

“Ok Google, start running” and your Android mobile automatically opens and begins to track the Runtastic your run. Fast and simple. Runtastic has a nice design, a precise GPS tracking and gives you plenty of data about your workouts – everything from distance to elevation and heart rate. Your routes will even be visible in 3D. You get automatic PEP talks from the app, which is intended, to motivate you. You can even make a personal diet, which helps you more easily to lose kiloerne. It is especially good to make you ready for the upcoming competitions, which you would like to participate in. Runtasic covers mainly running and cycling. Other exercises, such as spinning, can be added manually. Many complain that Runtastic uses more battery than other GPS trackers, which, however, we cannot confirm.

Google Fit-Simple activity overview

Google Fit is relatively new and is still very much simplified. However, there are many useful additions to, and it is now turned into a service, where you get a good overview of its total training. At the same time, the really good and works great. In addition, it offers a built-in pedometer, which is surprisingly accurate.The advantage of Google Fit is the many fitness and GPS tracking apps that supports it. I.e. exercise which is measured via Strava will be automatically redirected to Google Fit where you get a comprehensive overview of steps, running, cycling etc. Google Fit undersøttes of Strava, Runtastic, Nike + and Runkeeper Endomondo Running, as well as many others.


7-minute training program-to you who must have training quickly over

If time is a limit for you, but you still want to have used the body, so is “7-minute training program” a sensible solution. It gives you short a number of exercises that can be made at 7 minutes-whether it is weight loss or strength you are focused on. It is easy, fast, motivational and app are deliciously made. Use the evt. In addition to running, cycling or other cardio workouts. E.g. bikes I during the day, and when the children are placed, then I can easily motivate me to 7-minute strength training with this app. There is no social features or the like-it has a focus on quick and effective workout, and it does it well.

Jefit Workout Tracker-a good mate in the gym

Jefit is your new companion to the gym. We are all familiar with, to get down at the gym, and have an idea of what today’s goal is. .. However, it can sometimes be hard to do the right exercises, as well as learn new ways to work out different muscle groups. Jefit gives you a long list of over 1300 exercises you can do, then divided according to what you want to train. At the same time shows you how you’re doing it and how many repetitions and sets you need to make sure to get the maximum out of the exercise. So if you are tired of always doing the same exercises, so can Jefit clearly help to motivate you.


Madbarz-for crossfitteren

Madbarz gives you personal training exercises, and motivates you by tracking your progress. It is primarily aimed at people who like crossfit, but is also for you who would like to have help for general training exercises. You can choose to use the pre-installed WODs (W. O. D stands for “Workout Of The Day” and is the term used for the day’s training session in CrossFit) from the app, or put together its own WODs & save (limited number) in the app. In addition, it displays the app workout history and progress. In addition, you can be coached in various strength exercises, so you are sure they will be created correctly. The advantage is that the exercises can be done at home, so you won’t have a sweaty gym and at the same time saves time.

Your input?

Which apps are using in and what can you recommend? This stuff is just 8 apps out of very many, and it is svæet to try them all. So help like people further with our training know that recommend other apps in the comments.