The Battle of Polytopia, The ‘Civilization’-Style Game, Comes to Android

Within the category of strategy games, Civilization may be one of the most popular and addictive. Published more than two decades ago in its version for computers, the creation of Sid Meier has become a reference of the genre and also in source of inspiration for a whole generation of new games, as the present in this case: The Battle of Polytopia.

Maybe not you sound by name since before we knew it by Super Tribes, but it is also this addictive game was only available in the App Store. Finally its creators have decided to make the jump to Android, where soon you can download it, but if you’re who prefers to not wait, The Battle of Polytopia is already available for Android APK.

The Battle of Polytopia is the first game created by Midjiwan indie, a study based in Stockholm, which has garnered very good ratings during its journey in iOS. The game features a five-star rating and average with a total of 74 ratings, figures that would have encouraged their creators to make the jump to Android, where at the moment is in beta phase.

As you’ve already imagined you, the game is to create cities that will expand gradually until you get to conquer the whole world. The idea is similar to the popular game Civilization, but adapted to the mobile universe and with a style interface 8-bit, light on par with care.

The game is based on a shift system and at the beginning you can choose between two modes: Perfection, allowing us to develop the game in 30 innings, or Domination, which consists of play until only one tribe. It also offers up to nine different tribes, though in this case at the beginning of the game, the majority are blocked.

As mentioned, the game called Super Tribes (since when you start you have to choose a tribe), but after its last update happened to be called The Battle of Polytopia. In addition to the name change, this release brings also some changes at the level of interface and new features, as the ability to cancel a shift if the button is accidentally pressed and tutorial for beginners.

If you are looking for the game on Google Play you will find that it is still in beta and can not be downloaded, but it’s nothing that can not be solved with an APK. We’ve tried it and the truth is that Despite not being the final version, the performance is very fluid and it has not given us any problems. We bring you the download links if you want to try it.