The Circulating Rumor of The First HTC Smartwatch Points Now to June

Remember that rumor that started the popular @EvLeaks about that the first HTC smartwatch was going to be presented in February? Indeed, it was never to materialize. Remember, then, that he later rectified and said that it created before the end of April? The month has finished and is not fulfilled.

As the popular filtering Evan Blass He returns to the fray with a new date. According to his latest tweet, the Taiwan company prepares the launch of its smart watch for June. Specifically, he says that it has been delayed until the week of Monday, June 6.

And if it has already failed twice, what reasons there are to believe that this time is right? In the end and after the HTC acknowledged that the first draft of smartwatch which had launched in 2014 and that was reflected in the presentation of Android Wear It had subsequently been cancelled. Since then it has never confirmed that its engineers will go to a second attempt to build a wereable of this type, although Yes there have been many clues along the way.

FYI, this has been pushed to the week of June 6th. #htcwearable our site/Ei1lT4aWoc

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) may 3, 2016

However, Blass relationships with Asian company are undeniable. It was he who anticipated almost all details of the HTC 10 before its premiere, including its appearance. In addition, the same day of February that Tweet from erroneously that this so-called smartwatch is created in April also said that new top of range of the House would do the same in the week of May 9, a prediction that is about to be, or at least approximation.

Little has filtered about the HTC Halfbeak project, which supposedly hides a smart watch with design of outer ring and screen resolution 360 x 360 pixels. The rest of its specifications and software that would be equipped are a complete mystery.

So while HTC continues to advance in this hope 2016 after a horrible 2015. They want the good reception of his 10 HTC have continuity with its more groundbreaking project, the set of virtual reality HTC lives, which can already be booked but still has no date. In addition, at an event held this Tuesday in Asia, has announced a middle range, the HTC Desire 830 with sound Boomsound smartphone.

Smartphones, wareables and videogames with augmented reality. An egg in each basket to spread risks and successes.