The Line Gap 1969 Premium Jeans Us Brings New Features to This New Season

Without a doubt, which had pull at the time still can regain importance and be an old glory. That is the idea that has the signature GAP the Cowboys decided to go strong for it and exploit it to the maximum performance. This initiative arose the line GAP 1969, whose mission, in the strict sense of aesthetic, is to retrieve the style of the classics in jeans They both triumphed in his time and reinvent them to achieve much more improved and looks likely to compete in the current market.

For this new season that will soon we debut, Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011, GAP wanted to extend to the family and introduce new models to improve the content of the collection. It’s models Boot, Straight and Skinny, those who have tried to introduce, in addition to their respective courts (already I talked about this in this post), new washes and colors and also details on back pockets.

And aware of the pull that the Cowboys have (and if not look at the photographs, are all great, very wearable and as you may understand quality and gorgeous finishes) wanted to give him the prominence that it deserves. For this reason the line 1069 Gap Premium Jeans, coinciding with its anniversary, has its own website in which are presented the latest developments, tips, applications, and even the opportunity to create and share your looks through social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

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