The Looks of The Opening Party of The New Shop Benetton in Oxford Circus

Has certainly been quite an event in the London fashion world and a big step for Benetton, that we are lately seeing as it takes leading role within the new collections and today that sift them. The inauguration of a megastore in full Oxford Circus with a launch party as they call the close relationship between client, it attracted a lot of customers and onlookers who came to see is what there is baking.

Then Benetton had thought for all of them a curious initiative: make a book that included the most talked-about or curious looks (and any non-step is where is it taken off but hey …) of attendees at the party and make it at least for a day to be models of the Benetton campaign.

And as always, he had everything.

All the clothes belong to the firm and her latest collection and as we can see the simplicity is one of the great maxims of the firm. Commitment to vivid colors even in times of autumn and plays as if it was already winter with add-ins. Long use of the point and no padding (rare in it) and patterned winter (deer, reindeer, Holly leaves …) observed in jerseys.

There are more successful than others looks but the best thing is that you will take a look.

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