The Modern Woman’s Wardrobe in 6 Key Pieces

Sometimes, we give up the trends that, at station, they don’t make your eyes shine as much. To avoid the drama of the closet incommunicable, the website gives you the basic tips that you should have for the days of “I have nothing to wear”.

The only sure of your look so far is underwear. You look at the closet and sees a black hole. The will left over, the mirror does not help and all you wanted was a clothes that work, one … Yes, we know very very problem. Quemnunca gave drama queen at the time of dressing? To the overall happiness, the website has the cure for the pitis fashion.

First of all, think of the organization. How many times have you forgotten that mara dress because he was under a pile of clothes? In addition, control future purchases-before moving the box, think of how you will combine the casaqueto embroidery, with feathers and fringes with the other items in your closet. Or do you intend to use it on your own? Enough talk, time for action.

# 1 The Little Black Dress

This tip is already going on (and working) since the 1960s. So, fashion has an eternal debt with Audrey Hepburn and Givenchy. The little black dress has to be versatile-serve both for work as a cocktail for the Ballad of Saturday. Neither too long nor too short and neckline on measure. Combinations of accessories, shoes and make are endless.

# 2 White Shirt

Don’t have a classic white shirt in the closet is nearly as alarming as I don’t have I.d. The white shirt goes with skirts, jeans, trousers of tailoring and even Bermuda.

# 3 Jeans

OK, everyone has a pair of jeans. Even if you have to give them, at some point in life you ever use one. But we’re talking about a good jeans, that you love, companion, friend … The jeans have to be basic, without too many washes, prints or applications. Bet on classic cuts, such as straight or bootcut.

# 4 Tailoring Pants

Worth including for those who do not need to use it on the desktop. In choosing her, prefer the most loose not to mark her panties. Even though the project has worked on the back of the head butt, tailoring cutting is not the best way to show your pride. You can combine it with silk blouse, blazer or even a t-shirt.

# 5 Wildcard Skirt

The wild card is that with colors more sober, of course, fancy-length nor here, nor there. Choose a flared or away from your body.

# 6 Blazer

Another piece recycled boys’ cabinet. You can use it in a more basic, with shirt and jeans or even play with overlays. The simplest model, with two buttons and two front pockets. You have to be careful only to that closed, the blazer won’t stay tight at the bust or waist, allowing even the mobility of arms-nobody wants to be little robot.