The Newest Timeline Facebook

Engineers from Facebook, restless that only they are working in a further revision of the Timeline. If you were already used to the current, get ready to see another drastic change in the future. The timeline call, showing the content shared by a user profile will be somewhat more simplified.

The new Timeline, which was seen by the ABC News website, the new layout focuses rather on a published content column and another with friends, photos, recent activities and others. In addition to navigation in the photo gallery or the ‘about’ a user switches buttons with images to tabbed text.

Another big change is in the nomenclature. Now the ‘subscribers’ will become ‘followers’, a name which is something quite unique and I’ve never seen in any social network so far. Also the number of followers will not be shortened when is too large, it will be displayed in exact numbers.

As always, this timeline has not yet renewed date for release but is being tested with a small group of users this week. It is expected that in the coming weeks other users begin to see it.