The Rise and Fall of Yahoo 9 Graphics

In the gossip of the technological world rumors of Yahoo buying circulated for years, as the company was showing signs of weakness at various levels, both by numbers and discontent of investors or dismissals. The latter, which had already been months playing with force, the of the purchase by Verizon, which finally is has ever today finished confirming.

It sounded on Friday and they had our colleagues at Engadget and information apparently carrying months extending in part by the refusal of Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, that would have finished giving. A possible consumption that puts an end to a period of decline in recent years after a first boom within the expansion and growth of the internet and digital media, which have been drawn in several ways during this time watching it graphically.

More and more services, increasingly fewer visits

Who more and who may be less remember the beginnings of Yahoo, an American company that was founded in 1994. It started with the function of search engine to go slowly expanding the range of services with email, news and social part with groups and messaging, also open to shopping and auctions.

Despite this expansion, the competition grew in parallel and at all levels, and be a reference or even to maintain the loyalty of users was being increasingly difficult with, for example, a powerful Google covering also ever more areas. A graph that shows quite clearly the lack of interest of users is the one who made Statista gathering visits from 2011 to 2015 (in this case American).

A multi-service platform, Yes, but what work?

In assessing if something at the digital level works there are many indicators, and about it spoke Andrew Chen by using Google Trends. Their analysis included several important companies in the sector such as Twitter or Facebook including the case of Yahoo, which aroused curiosity to continue growing search requests until 2010 (staying more or less until 2013).

The low interest of fairly prominently this year, a decline that as we see start before if we look at the term ‘Yahoo Mail’, being the mail one of the strong initial of the company. In another analysis differs between the different sections of Yahoo, seeing that the interest has focused on news and sports and both finance and Yahoo Weather have gone downhill since 2009.

Searches against the competition

Yahoo remains more or less in terms of share of searches, always at a distance considerable Google

As we said, Yahoo became a portal (and apps) that brought together many services, but which has remained pretty well to date and the initial is the search engine. If we look at the data that comScore collects each month with regard to the search fee, We can see how stays between 10-12 percent after falling slightly from the maximum value of 13.8% in 2012. Always at a distance considerable Google, which over the years has lost a bit of ground by floodwater in searches on Microsoft websites.
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Lot of investment and not as many income

A fact that often give clues of the economic state of enterprises in a very clear manner and “for everyone” are revenues, which were already news a few months ago and not good. both quarterly and annually. As many others Yahoo publishes this information quarterly way and here we are, taking data from 2007, which the maximum value is obtained in 2008 (with 7.208.502 million dollars) and hence low until 2014, going very slightly last year.
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Carol Bartz, CEO of Yahoo until 2011 (with a dismissal which was controversial and substantial), explained in the report of the annual balance of 2008 that despite the difficult overall economic situation had managed to hold thanks to strong investment and to seek innovation. In the worst year, 2014, that is remembered is the acquisition of BrightRoll, within the renewal that the company could have undertaken too late watching the fall in income from 2008, with examples as the arrival of the Flickr app for iPad, even at the end of that year.

The reflection on the stock exchange

The sale of shares of Alibaba rang repeatedly since companies formalize the initial agreement. Rumors have calmed down slightly in December 2015, when apparently the company not be would choose this solution to solve what was already a bad time quite long.

During all this time of speculation was the fall in the value of the shares. In a graph of Fortune, we see how the price of these is increased gradually after the start of Mayer and dealing with Alibaba, but starts down from April 2014 to 2015, registering a slight rise in August 2015 following the announcement of future plans about the mail

The rumor of the purchase of Verizon was positive in terms of the price per share

Other more detailed graphic and present is that made Bloomberg referring to the rumor of the purchase of Verizon. This time the news appeared to be favorable to going up 1.4% in the case of Yahoo and 1.3 per cent in the case of the Verizon.

Mail service: a battle lost and never won

Since the email initiated its boom as usual service in our routine both personal as labor (in parallel to the globalization of internet and flat rates), many have seen as little by little were born mail servers almost like mushrooms. Yahoo was one of the first, but be in the seat rather than anyone involved that the subsequent show was too rosy. Only according to the data of the last year collecting in Litmus, we see how Yahoo maintains a downward slope front of others such as Gmail or Outlook amounting.

Another which also tracks here is that generates a Google Trends search issues, being a partial reflection of the interest of the users on the mail servers. Hotmail with a Gmail and an Outlook that triumphs here with enough margin is increasing and some Yahoo and AOL without hardly stress at the base of the graph.

And what sees Verizon on Yahoo?

As we have already read when talking about the rumor of purchase, some analysts pointed to that Verizon would be trying to of complete a transition to digital your business, being the platform forming a competent choice in terms of digital advertising combination of Yahoo and AOL to re-launch the video business. Something that also hold in Quartz where also show how Yahoo is still one of the main digital platforms according to comScore data.