The Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch Is Very Real

Evleaks again details details of what we will see in Samsung’s presentation at IFA 2013 on September 4 and where his advanced Gear Clock will be shown for the first time to the world.

The image above corresponds to two screens of theconfiguration and management of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. As expected, this upcoming watch will use NFC connectivity to link to our smartphone, from which the best screen can already manage the application ecosystem, Gear configuration and other parameters. One of the most striking feature is that you can use the phone to locate the watch in case of theft or loss.

The great doubt of whether it will be open or not

When we talked about the possible revolution of the Samsung Galaxy Gear in the segment of advanced clocks, where beyond the Pebble or the SmartWatch of Sony there are no news, the great doubt we had raised for the open or closed to raise Samsung your watch, as well As with the applications that can be used in its tiny screen.

The Sony model, which recently announced its second generation that should be released this September, is compatible with any Android terminal from a particular version. Since the Samsung Gear will be a complement to the smartphone rather than an individualistic device ,will it associate it exclusively with its high-end Galaxy tablets and smartphones?

Logic tells us that if you want to sell as much as possible, you should open the possibility of using your Galaxy Gear to all terminals with an Android version from 4.2 onwards, and compatible with bluetooth 4.0. But on the other hand could choose to make even stronger the separation between Android and its Android in the Galaxy (look at if not the strong software component of the Galaxy S4 own ) making it an accessory over his big family . Bets are allowed.

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