The Smartphone Trends 2014

Apple presented his iPhone 5 s with a fingerprint sensor and the iPhone 5c this year, BlackBerry’s Canadian Smartphone companies went bankrupt, Nokia became a part of Microsoft, Samsung made headlines with the Galaxy gear Smartwatch and the curved mobile Galaxy round. Furore caused also the banana-shaped curved Smartphone G Flex from LG – what happens next year? There’s the trends 2014!

Smartphones: This year the trend went clear to the Phablets, the Smartphones with giant displays. And next year this trend will not tear off for now. However, every trend has also always a Countertrend. Therefore, 2014 also some mini models of the flagship smartphones on the market will make it probably next year as a trend and there will be some great, inexpensive models like, for example, the Samsung Galaxy core advance. The Smartphone is already there for a price of 200 euros. Also Motorola, which provides relatively little money much mobile with his Moto G has the good-and-cheap trend triggered in addition to the Chinese company Huawei. A trend of 2014: what should change in the price at the tablets. There are reports that a Galaxy tab plans 3 Lite for next year that Samsung, which should give it for around 100 euros.

iPhone 6: the iPhone 6 is the ersehnteste phone of the year 2014! Supposedly, the iPhone 6 in the summer to presents and get a much larger display – possibly with 4 k resolution. Gets whether the iPhone 6 is also a curved Sapphire Crystal Display and missed another name, namely iPhone air, we’ll see…

Smartwatch: Samsung presented its “Galaxy Gear” Smartwatch in September – the clock’s success was rather modest. The hopes in terms of Smartwatch are therefore at Apple. According to rumors from China Californians want to introduce next year iWatch your, however, reported

Data goggles: This topic should be interesting. Data goggles quite have the potential to revolutionize society 2014 as a trend. Next year Google will supposedly bring his data glasses Google Glass on the market. She should not be so far but yet really suitable for everyday use, we may be therefore wonder whether it will be a success.

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