There is an air of gifts in the shops and on the streets and for those who have not already done so, I would say to draw on my 10 ideas for Christmas, Jewelry Gifts by € 1000.00 or at my proposals for the watches for him and her.

For those who want to give a jewel with a rock and he won’t choose a diamond or opt for jewellery with sapphires and prefers a stone a little cheaper, I would advise to orientate themselves on the Topaz jewelry: a wonderful choice of color!

Unlike what some people may think, is absolutely suitable for the winter season: some associate it to November, but in reality the jewelry with Topaz can illuminate the entire cold period with the variety of colours of this beautiful gem!

To be ready to enter into jewelry with a minimum of knowledge of the facts without getting scare (unnecessarily) purchasing a gem (always very welcome to receive!), I created this mini guide on Topaz, so as not to confuse it with other stones.

The mystery of Topaz

Topaz is one of the oldest known gemstones, it is said that the Romans extracted on a small island in the Red Sea, called Topazos and from where should come the name of the stone. In hindsight, though, on that island looks like there weren’t but only Topaz Peridot (you confused since antiquity!) and today was renamed Zabargad, meaning Peridot in Arabic.

According to another version of the story, the name Topaz comes from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit, in which the word cultured topas means fire.

Let’s say the mystery is not solved and this wraps up the stone of a very special charm.

The characteristics of the stone

Gemmologicamente speaking, Topaz is a silicate mineral of aluminium and fluorine, which occurs in crystallized form.

In its purest form is a mineral allocromatico (= colorless), but it’s very rare that you find in nature as well. More often shows traces of chromium, manganese or iron making it colorful: red, pink, blue-green, blue (natural), pink-orange, yellow-brown, yellow-orange (cherry), yellow, transparent or semitransparent.

The names associated with the Topaz colour variations are often evocative: for variations of blue, for instance, there is the London Blue Topaz, Blue Topaz Swiss Blue Topaz and Sky, Topaz Neptune or Topaz Ocean. For red or pink Flamingo Topaz and Topaz are, whereas with the colors of the Rainbow there are Mystic Topaz, Blue Topaz Sunset and Moon. Then there is also the Topaz Watermelon, which is two colors: pink and green together!

Topaz yellow gold is known as Imperial Topaz, and transparent is called white Topaz.

A curiosity about the Imperial Topaz: the ancient Egyptians believed that guarding it from all of the negativity because yellow was the Sun God Ra, while for the ancient Greeks this stone was used to restore their strength and to provide protection because he could bring to the gods!

When the color of the stone is natural tends to fade in sunlight, this is also why the topazes are often treated.

With the process of heating (up to about 450 degrees celsius) the orange-brown Topaz turn pink or colorless. With radiation are exposed to radiation (issued by cobalt 60) and from colourless or pale Topaz become a deeper colour.

The topazes are extracted in different parts of the world and if they are still in abundance: that’s why the price of jewelry with Topaz remained relatively low so far.

Topaz is a gemstone that is often confused with other gems from which, however, stands out: if it is in shades of blue, for example, is confused with the aquamarine or apatite. But that’s not all, because the jewelry with Topaz are sometimes mistaken for citrine quartz or smoky Quartz.

Be aware, however, that most precious Topaz is a quartz stone and if of good quality can be valuable as diamonds or sapphires.

Jewelry with Topaz

For the range of its possible colors and carats that are also affordable, Topaz jewelry can be very varied.

For the lovers of the rings, Topaz is a very nice to wear with simple frames that can becompletely in gold or in silver, or combining a touch of white diamonds.

The bevelled edge allows the color to express his Topaz colour brightness, while the Council cut cabochon for larger Carat weights stones even when it comes to choosing vintage earrings.

Among the jewels with a Topaz also point out the use of this wonderful stone into wearable brooches, which give a touch of color to the darkest of winter outfits.

The topazes are very beautiful even when they are mounted on rigid and soft bracelets, better if combined with other stones such as diamonds or pearls, not to mention other stones (Amethyst or morganite) which can match his colors.

Obviously also for the necklaces to wear there is plenty of choice among the jewels with a Topaz: are very nice ones to take more wires and even then the Council always to prefer models where the Topaz is interspersed with other stones or pearls, to avoid the effect jewellery!

For those who love the most delicate jewelry can go very well a simple pendant with Blue Topaz, that in case of small caliber can be matched easily to other thin and be very versatile necklace to wear.

Take care of the Topaz and not only

Whatever the Topaz gem that you decide to wear, things to remember that sometimes this stone loses its color intensity or repurchases its original color if subjected to a source of bright light.

One more reason to follow my tips on how to store vintage jewelry!

A final curiosity : it seems that the Topaz has physical and spiritual balancing capacity:wear it should help activate your awareness, removing negative energy, directing the force of the body where it is most needed to release tensions and thereby promoting feelings of joy, optimism and happiness. In fact even the ancient Hindu community believed that wearing this stone near the heart might give long life, beauty and intelligence.

Besides, in this gem takes its name from the famous Venezuelan telenovela Topaz -I remember with nostalgia my grandmother, who followed her in the years ‘ 90-where the mythical Greece Colmenares despite blindness, poverty and fate (initially) against the end manages to marry the beloved (and wealthy doctor) Gianluigi!

Given the positive auspices, it really seems to me that a jewel with a Topaz is a great gift idea for this Christmas and more!