The YouTube Comments Anti-troll System Has Been Activated

The internet is not exactly old, but has a saying that goes for the network and for life: do not feed the trolls. It seems that Google is inspired him to launch the new commenting system YouTube. We speak of it when it was announced, but it is now official: the system came into operation “from this week.”

To announce the operation of the platform, the representatives of the site made ​​a point of saying that the comments display was built with the idea that people want to see first the opinions of who is important to her – friends, family, lovers, dogs and know If there more who.

Watch below the video of the news release.

The most important is the integration with Google+. The Internet giant remains committed to creating a social web, much more than a social network, as they had spoken once the Plus was launched. On YouTube, the behavior reminded me a little of the comments Facebook: it becomes possible to mention the contacts social network for them to see certain content. Of course: sharing with Google+ circles was much simpler.

YouTube users can send private comments directly to the video’s creator. In turn, the video channel owners will have more tools to moderate interactions. Including the blocking of certain words and certain users! Trolls will not even know you have blocked.

Many have called Google+. However, the service is increasingly necessary to use other Google tools.