Then Came the First Sharp Images of Google Pixel

Spy photos of Google’s next two Pixels-telephones are let out. It is clear that HTC has touched over designed.

When Google about two weeks will hold press event, will be the two stars of the two smartphones: Pixel and the Pixel XL.

Phones should be replaced Google’s current Nexus and Nexus 6 p 5 x, but will at the same time, point to a new direction for the company which will now collect both laptops, tablets and Smartphones sub-pixel brand.

How exactly would take themselves off the phones, have been leaked in the form of rumors and early prototypes, but now can produce the first photos with both phones together.

HTC design lines

It’s HTC that is included in the manufacture of the devices, and it can be seen even in the product that borrows more from the manufacturer’s line-up.

The bottom of the phone looks like HTC’s own One A9, with a metal casing which is crossed by an antenna stripe close to the bottom.

The top will have its own look, with a glass surface covering a quarter of the back and which saves on a centrally located fingerprint reader and a camera.

The leaked photos leave at the same time that a double flash, will be finding as well as a number of other sensors – certainly a laser module for focus as well as a microphone.

The front page is very simple and saves on a hole for the speaker as well as a front-facing camera. An elongated hole lets, however, suspect that the Pixel-phones may have a new, yet uspecifieret trick in store.

How the final product will take it out, Google will unveil the 4. October when Pixel and the Pixel XL will get their official debut, along with a number of other products.