This Game “Not Has Nothing to Do” with Pokemon, Any Thought Is Pure Coincidence

What would we do without the? little inspired clones Made in China for virtually everything? With the world Pokémon Go boom, it was expected that a flurry of applications try to get on the wave of one way or another. Finally and ultimately Google Play is not exactly famous for filter applications of dubious quality, so – nearly – anything goes.

It is the case of the game that we present today and which has several names. Now appears in Google Play under the name of Ball Practice for PoGo, although within the game is known as Monster Ball. Technically not it could be called clone, it is not to imitate Pokémon Go to the full, but simply the action of capturing Pokémon. Anyway, what is relevant in this case is not the game, but the desperate attempt and grotesque are Chinese versions of Pokémon.

Nightmare material

It is necessary to emphasize that while Monster Ball began its activity on Google Play with few scruples and stepping on tons and tons of copyrights, once the press became echo of its existence it has received a absolute cleaning to remove any explicit mention Pokemon. This truth is that it is funny in itself when it reads that it is a game to “throw the ball Pok” or capture “legendary Pok * mon”.

Luckily Internet comes to the rescue to keep a copy of these Pokemon Chinese who seem to have some problems of malnutrition and even demonic possessions as they appear at the beginning of this text. Here are some more.

Unfortunately, if you were thinking of an afternoon, capturing the Pok * mon of evil Pikachu or zombie Snorlax, are no longer available and have been replaced by generic versions as a bear panda, a turtle or a hybrid of dragon and demon. The design of the Pokeball – sorry, I meant ball Pok – also changed to differentiate themselves more than the original.

Do not try this at home

I will not cheat, game – or practice – as such is not to be too good, but even if you consider that this game has been unique and exclusively created to deceive you (the name of the package on Google Play is almost 4 km in length and includes all kinds of keywords on Pokemon) and still want to install it, here two screenshots that should take off the desire to.

A game to practice the launch of Pokeballs, you need access to your files and permission to make calls? Almost to better pass. We are probably one of the best example of poorly controlled that is Google Play and the danger we spend if we are not careful with what we installed and accept it hot. You do not install it, believe me, you’re not missing nothing.