Three Games You Should Have on Your Apple Watch

Mobile games are not only limited to the smart phone or your handheld console-they are available also for the wrist.

Wearable gaming is still in the process of stepping up its first League matches, and neither the supply of games or their popularity approaching far big brothers iPad and iPhone. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t good gaming experiences to find your Apple Watch, even though it is still a challenge to make immersive games that can sit on a wrist.

The best games are the ones that manage to adapt the game to the format, without just being a mini version of a similar iPhone games. We have found three such games, which all have in common is that they manage to create a real gaming experience on your Apple Watch.

Life line 2: bloodline

Life line is a classic for Apple Watch. It was the first game that you would rather play on your Apple Watch than on your iPhone. It was also quickly became the most selling Apple Watch games in most of the world.

Life line is a text-based adventure game that turns your Apple Watch for an advanced version of a Tamagotchi. Your task in the first version was to help a stranded astronaut to survive. Life line 2 has the same basic plot, but this time you must help the woman Arika find his brother and, Oh yes, then you should save all of humanity.

The story begins the first time you open the app. You meet Africa and learns about her situation. So goes the adventure started. Arika ask you through the game for advice on everything from travel, to magic and about talking to strangers. The advice you give her, directly affect the fate of Arikas-whether she lives or dies.

The game takes place in semi-realtime. This means that when Arika is busy, she will not be disturbed.She’ll let you know when she needs you. But you don’t have to respond immediately. If you do not respond, nothing happens, before you open the game again.

Life line 2 is longer and has a fuller history of a predecessor, and it is the story that is the source of the game’s true quality. The story is written by Dave Justus, who also is behind The series “The Wolf Among Us” from DC Comics.

Life line 2 costs $ 16 USD in the app store. There is no in-app purchases and no advertising. Can be played offline.

Slots An Hour

Time slots is a slot machine, specifically designed for the Apple Watch. Which is to say that the game is not available for either the iPhone or iPad.

The game is designed by Little Labs exclusively designer games for wearable market. They have designed a small handful of apps for Android Wear and Apple Watch, and so including a variety of casino games, and has a large number of games in the pipeline, which is due out in the next year or so.

Although you might consider game machines for a kind of lavpandet entertainment, then you owe it to yourself to give Slots an hour a spin or two. For that reason alone, the game is perfectly adapted to wearable format. It is impressive in itself to put a slot machine onto a screen that measures 38 mm, and still be able to create a game experience.

The game is free to download and play. You can play tournaments against other players, or you can play alone, exactly as you can. If you want to play one of the closed game where you can win prizes, you must pay you from it. you want to keep up with what’s coming of similar games to wearable devices, so stay tuned on the page here.


Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is one of the kind of craze-games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga or Clash of Clans.

Trivia Crack is more or less a stripped down version of Trivial Pursuit. You compete on trivia in six different categories against other players. When you have enough correct answers, you get small cartoonish characters in each category that corresponds to the “cheese” you get in Trivial Pursuit. The game is crowdsource based, which means that questions are posted and moderated by other players.This means that issues not only is on Danish, they are also adapted to a Danish context.

Unless you have to set your user profile, proposing or translating questions, so works better on Apple Watch the game than on your phone.

Trivia Crack is developed by Etermax and is free, but the Argentine offer in-app purchases. The free version includes advertisements, but it is possible to purchase a commercial-free premium version.