Throat Pain in Baby and Child

When the weather cools and the temperature drops, it is common for sore throats to appear, especially in children and infants, who are still unaccustomed to these changes over time.

Throat Pain in Baby and Child

However, although this pain may originate in three different diseases, the truth is that it is customary to simply call it a sore throat.

Here you can know the various types of sore throat, the appropriate treatments, and some tips to relieve sore throat in the baby and the child.

The various types of sore throat

There are several diseases that cause sore throat, including pharyngitis, tonsillitis and laryngitis. As their names indicate, each of these diseases attacks different regions, such as the pharynx, the tonsils and the larynx, respectively.

But as are all regions of the throat, the pain is very much the same. Sometimes, some of these can occur simultaneously, such as tonsillitis and pharyngitis.

The main reason for the onset of these diseases is related to bacterial or viral infections.

Treatment of sore throat

Treatment for sore throat is associated with the affected region. However, given that the causes are often the same, often the treatment is identical.

Thus, and it being understood that the most common cause is bacterial infection, the most appropriate treatment is an antibiotic. If the cause is viral, the treatment will consist of appropriate medications, which will relieve the symptoms, and also, the regular intake of fluids.

In the case of children, it is necessary to take into account that they will have difficulty swallowing. Thus, it is important to choose foods and liquids that it has some ease in ingesting, so that it stays well fed and hydrated. Yogurts, apple or pear puree, orange and lemon juices are examples.

Hydration is essential in the treatment of sore throat.

How to relieve sore throat symptoms in baby and child

In addition to the doctor’s prescribed treatment for the child, there is a set of home-safe, completely safe remedies that you can use at home to help relieve the symptoms.

Thus, in the case of children who know how to gargle, they can do so using a solution of water and salt.

This will help fight inflammation, and even eliminate mucus. Also for children over 3 years old, you can give tea or milk with honey.

This home remedy will help release the mucus.