Tips For Choosing The Best Wireless Speaker

Thanks to services like Spotify or Apple Music , we all carry on the mobile an extensive music library. What happens is that the loudspeakers of the mobiles leave a lot to be desired, and if you want to enjoy your music with friends both inside and outside the house, a good wireless speaker is necessary.

Tips For Choosing The Best Wireless Speaker

The problem with choosing one of these speakers is that there are a lot of models in the market, so it is important to choose the one that best suits your needs and your pocket, because there are all the prices, colors and features imaginable.

Aspects To Consider


For a wireless speaker size matters, and a lot . The smaller it is, the easier it will be to take it with you wherever you go, but you do not have to go either, since if it is too small, you will be sacrificing the quality of the sound.Depending on the model, the pitch can range from six to 30 centimeters in length.


Although the power is not everything when determining the acoustic quality of a speaker, it influences a lot, especially if you plan to use the speaker outdoors or to carry the party with you. The smaller ones have powers between 2 and 6W that can be scarce in certain situations, while those of a larger size can reach 40W, which is more than enough for all kinds of uses. In most cases, with 20W is more than enough.


Another aspect to consider is weight. If you are looking for a speaker to carry with you, you will be interested in a small and light model (the lightest weighing around 100 grams) although it is less powerful. If your main use is going to be at home, then you can do with some bigger and heavier model, but that sounds better, since some can weigh up to two kilos.

Number Of Speakers

The more speakers, the better. Smaller models usually only have one, so the sound is not stereo, while others have two or more tracks (including subwoofer), and in some cases are a pair of speakers that can be separated to generate surround sound.


The battery is a very important aspect when choosing a wireless speaker. It does not spring to be in the middle of a party and run out of music. Ideally, it will last 10 hours and can be powered by USB, although smaller models usually last less.


All wireless speakers include Bluetooth connectivity so you can play music from your smartphone, but depending on the model, other connections are added, such as a jack line input (to connect to the mobile phone via cable),NFC to pair the phone directly or Even an SD or USB reader.

Multiple Matching

Some models allow you to connect several devices simultaneously, which is very convenient if you share the speaker or you want a friend to put their music. So do not need to de- synchronize yours to connect your friend.


Although it is normal to control the speaker from the phone , it is never too easy to have comfortable buttons. At least to pause playback, turn the volume up and down, change the song or turn it off and on. In many cases the volume and song change buttons are shared, which is not very practical, while in other models you can even control the equalization.

Free Hands

Some wireless speakers have an integrated microphone, which offers the possibility of using them as hands-free for the mobile with a higher sound quality. It can be handy for a meeting where you want to talk many at the same time with someone on the other end of the phone.

Resistance To Water And Beats

If your adventure is on , your speaker has to be waterproof and shockresistant, or it will not stand up to your pace of life. The waterproof level is measured according to the IPX standard. With an IPX7 you can even immerse it in water.


Do you like to move around the house while the music on your phone rings on the speaker? Then you are interested in a wireless speaker with good range. The minimum recommended is 15 meters, but the ideal is 30. This ensures that the connection is not cut at any time.

Types Of Wireless Speakers


They are small, light, cheap and you can take them anywhere. They do not offer much power and the battery does not last eternally, but instead they fit in the pocket and do not occupy room in the suitcase. Ideal for small trips or to take in the bathroom.


With a medium size (about 20 centimeters in length) and a considerable power (about 20W) these speakers are worth for everything. The same you can have them in your room as take them travel and enjoy some music in the hotel room. And if you also do with a waterproof model, you can take them with you on the pool mat or beach.

For Home

Finally, there are some wireless speakers that, because of their larger size and weight, and although they have a battery, their main use is indoors. They offer greater power and sound quality, as well as a sober and elegant design that will fit any decor. In addition, thanks to its compact size, you can comfortably change rooms, and enjoy the music at home wherever you are.