Tips on How to Assemble a Nail Kit

Many Brazilians prefer to do their nails at home and for that it is important to have a complete kit of manicure and pedicure accessories and take good care of it. The reasons why some women prefer to do their nails at home can be the lack of time to go to the salon or the preference to take care of the beauty of their nails themselves, among many other reasons see some tips on how to assemble a kit to do the nails. Nail kit. To mount the nail care kit you will need the following items. Toothpicks. Nail polish. Nail polisher. Cuticle-softening cream. Cuticle-softening gloves. Spatula / nail retractor. Cuticle pliers. Small scissors and nail clippers. Strengthening base. Drying oil. Extra gloss coverage. Nail polishes. Cotton. Acetone or enamel remover without acetone. Nescessaire or box to organize the items. Most items are essential, but some of them can be dispensed without harming the results.   Sharp attachments (pliers, cutters and scissors) should be kept extremely hygienic and should only be used by a person to reduce the risk of contracting diseases such as hepatitis. The pliers may need to be sharpened from time to time and should be guarded with a protective tip to prevent accidents.   The use of the nail polisher should be moderate as it sharpens the layers of the nail. If you already have fine nails, you may prefer not to use the polisher, because by tweaking them even more, your nails can become quite fragile and brittle.   It is recommended to use enamel remover without acetone via Ehealthfacts, as it does not damage nails as much as acetone. However, they have a negative point give a little more work and take more time to remove the enamel, these were the tips on how to assemble a nail kit.

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