Top 5 Summer 2016 Trends

With the new station hitting the door, of course, that can’t be anxious and super attentive to news that promise to make the head and the closets of chicks.

And from what we can see on the catwalks we will see still too cropped top, jeans, ethnic prints, long jackets, fashion of the years 70, asymmetry, maxi-brincos … items that will continue grooming shop Windows.

But wait, we select our main bets between the trends presented on the runway, which already are worth an onslaught in the next trip to the Mall, because they promise, of course, make the streets hottest stations of the year.

There’s nothing worse than a waste of money, especially in times of crisis, isn’t it?

It is therefore very important to know in that tendency to invest or not.

OK, the 2016 Summer trends are many, but there are always those who take and, oddly enough, there are designers who take bets, and that happens a lot. Sometimes a particular trend wins the streets outside but here won’t start or will only take a few seasons later.

That is why we decided to show here the bets right, those which already have begun to win the streets and therefore worth betting the next shop, write down what are:

Boho Footprint

The boho style gained momentum with the return of many items of the years 70 and, let’s face it, it’s all about the music festivals that are super high.

The cool thing is that this style emphasizes more comfortable and casual pieces, being the big bet of many brands.

This style is already giving the guys around here, and promises to win too hard at the next station.

So can invest without fear of being happy, in a lot of bangs, etnics prints, kimonos, hats, wreaths and more!

Eternal Jeans
Rain or shine, make it hot or cold, really, you can’t live without a good pair of jeans, isn’t it?

He is a classic, in any season, the jeans will never go out of style, and the good news for lovers of jeans (like me) is that he long ago was not seen on the runway as it was in the main fashion shows spring/summer.

And the coolest thing is that, in addition to come in pants and shirts, he is coming with a lot of force in dresses, suits and skirts, even in longer.

Plus, get ready for a long look with denim jeans, which although it is rejected by many women – even for those who like jeans – promises come with everything!

Gladiators Sandals
Like Gladiators? So, relax, because they’re still around here!

Can come in different colors and length …

And as fashion’s super exaggerated, has models braiding almost the whole leg.

So, put the Gladiators sandals in the shopping list, because they returned with all and promise to be the big hit of the summer.

Oriental Look

OK, the kimonos are already living with our wardrobe, but they are doing so successful here that should not go away anytime soon.

But they are not alone, the Oriental prints also promise to settle here, as well as, those heavier sandals, which are Japan’s face.


This is a trend that’s already got, here is still a little shy mas…com will certainly make an effort on the basis of the Olympics and sports climate that is already prowling.

But the idea of this trend is merge sports items (mainly shoes and bags) with more sophisticated looks, even of tailoring, super bold, right?

The result is very modern and interesting and, thus, the practicality and the comfort is that end up winning, and therefore a perfect trend for the day to day.