Twitch Mutes Video Snippets That Have Protected Music

The Twitch announced yesterday that it would block the audio from videos containing songs protected by copyright. This includes both songs that play in video games – likeGTA or Saints Row, for example – and outside them – if you are listening to something and the sound “leak” in the video, it can be silenced by this.

Who makes the search and destroy is the company Audible Magic, which works with the music industry and can find snippets of songs from their customers in videos.

In Twitch will be scanned blocks of 30 minutes. If found something there, the entire block audio is removed. That’s right: for a few seconds of a song protected, you can lose audio 30 minutes of transmission.

The passage is indicated by a red piece on the bar, with a warning of the reason there is no audio. The DansGaming was one of those affected:

It is worth mentioning that the new practice only applies to stored videos. That is, Audible Magic has no way to track your live broadcasts and silence them, but as soon as they are closed and made ​​available on Twitch, are subject to analysis .

And not the most famous or important channels are safe. Proof of this is that the The International championship of Dota 2, had “mutated” sections, as well as the official Twitch.

As reminds the practical YouTube to take the audio videos that have third-party content, which has left a flea in the ear of many people about the possibility of Google have even acquired the Twitch. And like YouTube, Twitch recognizes that the system is not perfect and if you want to question the decision to have an excerpt of a video by its mutated site, it will be reviewed.