Twitter Eliminate Images of Deceased People Familiar Request

The Twitter eliminate their service images and videos of deceased users when family members or persons authorized request. So says the spokesman of the company Nu Wexler in a tweet posted on the afternoon of Tuesday (19).

Although the statement did not cite this event, the new policy has to do with the events that occurred after the death of Robin Williams, last week. Hours after the news had spread, Zelda Williams, the daughter of actor, started receiving tweets with provocative images, many of them going through photos of Robin Williams late.

Faced with such insensitivity, Zelda Williams announced soon after that no more would use the social network, neither Instagram. The decision had so much impact that Del Harvey, head of security of Twitter, was quick to promise changes to prevent further situations like this.

The first action was to suspend the two accounts sent to Zelda Williams offensive content. The second is this image removal procedure and photos that comes as a complement to current service usage policies.

The case of Zelda Williams was not the only reason that made ​​Twitter create the policy in a hurry. Recently, pictures and videos circulated by service showing scenes of the alleged beheading of US journalist James Wright Foley, kidnapped in Syria in November 2012. It was the turn of own Twitter CEO Dick Costolo pledge arrangements.

Needless to go far to find this type of content: alleged images of bodies in the plane crash that took the life of the candidate for President of the Republic Eduardo Campos and six people also circulated on Twitter.

Relatives or close people hoping that images and videos deceased are removed from the social network should send the request to the address “” guides Nu Wexler. The company probably will ask copy documents or any other material that may prove the link.

Nu Wexler notes, however, that not all requests will be serviced. The spokesman cites the example of content that can be public or newsworthy.

It is unclear whether the company intends to create a channel – a page with form, for example – to facilitate the submission of requests. Anyway, meet these requests by email and not ignore them, as had been done so far (with some possible exceptions), as is a breakthrough.