Twitter: Microblogging Service Adapts to ipad App

While the iphone app of the microblogging service Twitter is regularly supplied with updates and new features, the version for Apple’s tablet is a shadowy existence. This conclusion should be now. An update to version 6.36 for ios brings ipad-Twitter users in focus. Hardly anything changes for the iphone, but the ipad version gets brought up not only a new design, but also all missing features.

Ipad owners will benefit from improved Retweets with quotes, now current topics about search and easier access to product links and sites. The layout on Apple’s tablet is similar to the iphone version now. The navigation has moved at the bottom of the screen. In addition, Twitter relies on bright colors with some color accents. The update is available for immediate upgrade. The design comes on the server side, what takes some time.

Download: Twitter for iphone and ipad (free)
Download: Twitter for Android (free)

Update for Windows phone

Most recently a new version of the Twitter app for Windows 10 was released in the United States. While the app has still big room for improvement, but Twitter strives to repair. With version 4.1, Windows users tweets may quote, manage multiple accounts, and also create lists. Also the happening now function that informs on-demand currently popular topics should be included in the release.

Download: Twitter for Windows phone (free)

Conclusion: update of the Twitter ipad app

Although the short messages service creates a single image on all devices with the update, but what looks good in the portrait view on the ipad, nearly being swallowed by massive white space in landscape mode. The function adjustment was overdue, in the optics Twitter can spend some extra care.

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