Twitter, Stop Trying to Ruin Twitter

The Twitter is my social network favorite for a few reasons.

It does not have an algorithm that filters the content, so I’m sure I’ll read everything that is produced by the people who follow (if you do not want to read, simply leave to follow).In addition, Twitter displays the content in chronological order, by the time that the tweets are published, because nobody wants to read on Saturday a comment on a TV show that goes on Tuesday.

But Twitter seems to be very satisfied with the current model, and began testing a timeline that displays tweets out of chronological order, leaving one format adopted since the launch of social network. The Motherboard noted that some users weresurprised timeline showing tweets without a clear organization, as well as in Facebook.

The social network has confirmed it is testing the new timeline and “continues toexplore ways to display the best content for users.” This would not be the first drastic change contemplated by Twitter in September, news they realized that the 140 character limit would be eliminated to make the service more attractive to new users. Direct messages, which were subject to the same limit, can now have any extension.

Last year, Twitter had already thought of deploying a content filtering algorithm similar to Facebook, which automatically show the most relevant tweets to users. You should know that Twitter has a feature called “While you were out,” which shows important publications that you have not previously seen. And … well, turn this embryo in an adult reigning entire social network is not very difficult. The algorithm is ready, after all.

But seriously: we like Twitter because Twitter is the way it is. He did not fail miserably in trying to guess what is relevant to me. It is objective, direct and does not display textões that make me lose time. He does not hide content produced by accounts that follow their own free will. It does not show New Year celebrations when we are in the Carnival.

Twitter, please stop trying to ruin Twitter.

Or, you know, change the name to Facebook.