Twitter Will Let You Read the Timeline of Other

Apparently the Twitter chose this week to launch several new features in which, probably, their engineers spent months developing. After activating the favorites notifications, retweets and mentions by email (and fill the patience of some of the members of the network in the process), Twitter announced a feature that will let users see the timeline (or historical, the official translation ) from each other.

According to the official announcement of the new feature, it will allow a member “see Tweets from accounts that a user follows, and also the list of those accounts,” which is essentially the timeline of a user. The novelty, however, should not allow Twitter members to read tweets from people with protected accounts.

Or at least I hope not, but I bit my tongue before finding that Twitter would not enable receiving notifications via e-mail by default. He is already enabled for some members of the network, but do not yet know how to appear, only to be enabled on page Following Users.

Taking into consideration that have not yet activated or the latest news announced by them, I guess that it will take even longer to get into my account. And look I created my in 2007.

Upgrade to 17:28 | The new feature is enabled on our site account. I illustrated this post with a screenshot of how it should work. And by the way the feature does not show protected accounts tweets, which is a relief.