Type of Clothes Line for Home Use

You can find the clothesline models installed on ceiling , wall and floor.

To make your clothes dry properly you need to evaluate the most appropriate type of clothesline for your space. Thus, you enjoy better heat and ventilation, avoiding thus wetted parts and smelly. In addition to its main function, the poles also help keep the organization in the service area.

We can help you in this mission: separate some characteristics of different versions of products. There are the benefits provided by the parts highlighted. Prices are also a must. You will not lose it, will you?

Ceiling clothesline

The ceiling clothesline has a mechanism that allows them down when you need to hang the clothes.

Then, simply press this system to move up the clothesline, leaving the high and more ventilation parts. Generally urged in laundries, the model has a capacity of between 8 kg and 14 kg. The workpiece is made of aluminum or steel.

Wall clothesline

Its service area is small and you want to enjoy it to the fullest? Then bet on the wall staves, model that can be collected when not in use. This is possible thanks to its structure “concertina”. In this product, the online shop has the traditional version, which can also be used in gardens. This is a clothesline wire whose ends are fixed on two walls.

Available in steel, plastic, aluminum and polypropylene products have different capacities ranging from 3 kg to 25 kg.

Ceiling and wall clothesline

Versatile, this product can be installed either on the ceiling or on the wall. The difference is that the rods are autonomous, that is, their system allows them to be handled separately. So you can fall or rise only one rod at a time without messing the whole structure of the ceiling and wall staves. Choose from the models made of steel or aluminum, whose capacity is 10 kg, 12 kg and 13 kg.

Clothesline floor

Who wants a mobile clothes line – that can be placed outdoors in the house, as the balconies – must invest in floor clothesline.

Widely used in apartments, the product has models with flaps on the ends, which increases its size and its ability to dry more clothes simultaneously. When not in use, the part can be collected, freeing up space for other activities.

Produced with steel or aluminum, that supports clothesline 5 kg to 12 kg.

Accessories for poles

Besides the variety of staves, we have several accessories that help you time to hang your clothes, such as fasteners, which avoid falling parts while dry.

The mini clothesline used to hang underwear or socks, can be placed in small environments. And here you also find kits installation, with ropes clothesline and hooks. Check out all the accessories and have a good shopping!