U2, Katy Perry and Other Artists Coming to Android

Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Kanye West and more. If you want to watch the video clip of one of these artists, you will probably run into one player on YouTube featuring the watermark of another company: VEVO. It is that all these musicians are represented commercially by companies related to VEVO, who use this site to make money.

The agreement VEVO on YouTube provides that the mark of the last to appear in the video player, as well as advertising revenue is divided between the two. This was only possible on the YouTube web version, but now mobile devices will have access to these same clips.

And Android is the first platform to rely on a different way to present video clips provided by VEVO. YouTube’s development team said yesterday that the YT app for Android has an update that enables the clips display. Just update the application on Android 2.2 (Froyo) or higher to get the music clips.

This is only possible because YouTube for Android comes to display advertising on the pages of VEVO videos. Before watching a video clip, the user will have to see some commercial advertising, which dividends will be – once again – shared between Google and VEVO.

Not only pure preview that was released. YouTube for Android will allow users to access more complete information about the artists. For example, if you like Rihanna and want to know her biography, the video page allows you to make this query. Find more music from that artist is easier with “tracks by this artist” (Artist’s tracks), which lists all video clips available on YouTube to watch that are that singer, musical band etc.

The search in YouTube for Android has been improved to reflect these changes. Since yesterday, a user who searches for Katy Perry is a musical note icon in the videos that are actually official music videos provided by VEVO. You want to try? Search for “California Gurls”, one of the artist’s successes.

YouTube staff has warned that his intention is to put the clips made possible by Google / VEVO agreement on other platforms (read: iOS).