Videochat Gives Tips on How to Manage Your Money

Leaving the parental home and achieve financial independence is something that, I imagine, most of us love to win. But no use having a good job, a good salary and keep the account in red all month because of lack of financial control. And at a time when the internet has become so pervasive in people’s lives, there are already a number of control tools to prevent the monthly expenses excel gains. So just spend too anyone.

For those who walk beyond the limits and does not have much idea of where to start to save, the Bradesco created the Videochat University Account. The third edition takes place today, November 23 to 16h.

The videochat today will be with the journalist and financial expert, Anne Dias, who gives tips on how to manage your income and not spend more than you should. You can participate in real time, send your questions for the chat window, built – in streaming.

And with the end of the year coming, the 13th comes along, so this is a good chance for those who want to know how to save on the bills and create a reserve for some future use, is a trip on a gadget again, or even for security financial .

So you know: point your browser to this address to 16 hours to watch the video chat, learn how to manage your money and prevent your account from red.

Shoo, debts! (Hello new gadget! Hehehe)