Vintage Map Decorations

If you beating heart of traveler consider whether to freshen your home according to the current trend – with maps.
Artistry, modern look, adventure atmosphere – stylized maps among other things are terribly affordable way to update the interior.

Vintage Cards
Vintage cards or their replicas offer a great variety – stylish typography, old drawings and urban look of bygone era. This will bring unexpected element in your home. When choosing a vintage cards emphasis on those who are in neutral colors or sepia. If the worn-out look of the time, the better.

Charts import romantic nuance to the home of those who dream of distant destinations. And they make you dream and give freedom of imagination in decorating them.

Vintage Map Decorations

Thematic Maps
There are a variety of thematic maps from InternetAges that do not correspond to reality, but show cities or country to another different perspective. For example, card-parodies such as “America, seen by Europeans” or “France, seen by Australians.” This deco element is more suitable for rooms with more informal interior room such as a student or a teenager.

City ​​Maps
If you decided to take advantage of this easy way of decoration, it is really an abundance of cards. In addition to these countries and cities, there are a variety of brochures with maps of the metro, museums and parks. All this can be combined into a beautiful collage to illustrate your favorite walks.

Deco Trend: Maps
Vintage cards are elegant option for areas with classic decor. You can find vintage maps antique shops.

Be up to date with Deco fashion as you make a collage of different maps. For example, you might put framed maps of the places you visited.

During each trip probably use brochures with maps of the subway and sights of the city in which a guest. You can engrave them in the shape of a heart, put them in a frame and give itself make souvenirs.

On the world map on the wall might note the countries that you visited or even put your photos from there.

Maps in sepia remind trend with newspapers and lend character and personality of the place. Fit her perfectly with classic Chesterfield sofa or similar type.