Vivienne Westwood Paris Fashion Week

Laser project green lights from side to side of the Auditorium: that’s the fashion show fall-winter 2012/2013 to Vivienne Westwood kicks off in Paris fashion week dedicated to pret a porter.
And from the beginning the wonder: enters the stage on the catwalk the Ice Princess. Coats that look like cloaks and which are long white and pink down to her feet, turned to cold, wrap the models in a cloud of religious romance.
Then the surprise: squares and kilt prints in large doses, shorts, blouses, coats, not to forget the punk vein and upstream that Westwood has seen, seen and continues to see in the representation of its modern woman.

And we continue with other oddities, from stockings, lace or Openwork, amazing prints, lace and brought under boob skirt over heels and wedges that just looking at them is the sore feet (but as they are fashion, girls!)

The overlapping colors, fabrics, shapes, styles, playing with colors and lengths that yet once again manages to amaze us.

From broad shoulders, large, on jackets and coats cinched at the waist.

Then it’s back to normal, I was about to say – – apparent tranquility: vest, faux fur vest, so, not to forget the theme so dear to the Westwood of eco-sustainability, blouses that look like Marie Antoinette’s corsets, obviously punk twist (I said normalcy was apparent!), almost shapeless clothes, capes or drapes, almost a return to the dress of virgins as well as see in Renaissance paintings.
Explicit here also the lure to environmental geography: climate change that are bringing the planet desertification will force us to dress as Berbers North Africans?

And towards the end, even a model who goes by bicycle, dressed like us we never thought to dress for a jaunt on two wheels.

Yet who would have thought it?, the model looks extremely believable with his feather minidress and fur – eco, of course – and the big wedges, as if to say that the hectic life and the necessity of environmental sustainability must not sacrifice us on sneaker and spandex bicycle! Editorial: stylish and elegant we gotta stick.

The final wedding is astonishing: tulle, transparencies, a turban – Berber? – overhead holding a weightless veil that mixes and mingles with the dress. In his hand, a bouquet of flowers decomposed, shapeless, too. Beautiful!

A note only, in conclusion, I would like to make about the makeup, that is gorgeous with shadows in shades of Orange and Red-Brown stained that slip over the eye area and mingle with the blush, to brighten a face very pale and his lips skillfully drawn per se but so opaque. It’s evident in these faces inspiration to China, explicitly declared by the designer a few days before the show.

A great collection, full of ideas, amazing.