Wash Cashmere: So Wont Her Sweater Properly

The proper care of cashmere raises many questions. We tell you how you should wash cashmere long to have pleasure on your garment.

Wash Cashmere So Wont Her Sweater Properly 1

1 how often I should wash my cashmere sweater? That depends on the carrier frequency, explained by themeparktour.com. At the latest after each fourth use. Otherwise it is enough to ventilate the cashmere sweaters over night. Give peace and a break between wearing cashmere.

2 I can wash cashmere in the machine? A machine wash the wool programme is better than any hand wash. Never warmer than 30 degrees on the left turn, the drum of the washing machine only half fill and otherwise occur at low speed, faster nodules, since the fibers get filthy.

Wash Cashmere So Wont Her Sweater Properly 2

3 or do you prefer hand wash? Use only lukewarm water and leave the cashmere sweater never more in the water. Rinse several times with clean water–do not wring, but gently press out and roll it in a towel.

4 like it dry cleaning out? Just no chemistry. Exception: extremely fine knitted and woven items.

5 which detergent should I use? We recommend cleaning a liquid wool detergent, for Kashmir.

Wash Cashmere So Wont Her Sweater Properly 3

6 and how to dry cashmere properly? Either in the dryer with cool air or lying on the Clothesline with a towel as a base.

7 Oh dear, a stain! How do I get the back out? Never soak and brush. The best laundry detergent on the stain, and off in the wash.

8 as camp I cashmere best? Best dark and cool. Otherwise such as in drying always lying–not upside down store.