Waterproof Jacket: Help Me Choose

Although we would never abandon us with nice weather, fall back on time every year and with it come the rain and bad weather: the waterproof jacket becomes a key leader in apparel both in town and on weekends out of town.

Not only weather conditions worsen, but can change rather quickly and the umbrella is often not enough, especially if the wind rises: a waterproof jacket we ripara while we go to work on foot, bicycle, Scooter, while we make shopping with friends or a walk in the mountains with family or partner.

This is a key leader to put in the closet when fall and winter come closer: here are some tips from threergroup.com on choosing a waterproof jacket.

The material. The most important factor in choosing a rain jacket is that it is completely waterproof, water resistant. Important that the seams to seal the joints and not let water pass. It shouldn’t be, however, only waterproof but breathable fabric, to avoid moisture that may form inside the lining due to sweating. That one of the most known is the breathable Gore-tex, but his qualities are paid – rightly – at great cost. Waterproof and breathable alternatives are the Pertex, H2NO and non-woven Tyvek. In addition, wicking fabric dries in a Flash: this is useful if you have to wear the head multiple times on the same day.

The bounty. The jacket must not be too narrow because it worn over other clothes and it is important to consider also those voluminous as the heaviest wool sweaters; but it doesn’t have to be either too wide, because it would let water pass from neckline and cuffs. The right size should be chosen according to the movements that you make when worn. If you use it only in town for your daily commute on foot, you can opt for a model more screwed up and like a real jacket or raincoat. If you use it for hiking or cycling trips better both more practical and with hood attached.

The weight and size. If you need to take the raincoat with you just in case, keep it in your bag, suitcase or in the magazine Oddments of Scooter, the advice is to buy a lightweight and collapsible. The proposals are numerous and able to satisfy all requests of cut, fit, color and diverse needs.

The color. Based on usage and to personal taste, then you can choose the color. You should choose bright colors such as yellow, Fuchsia, red if the waterproof jacket must be worn even at night, especially if you walk into the dark traits or if using a bike or scooter. If the use is purely a citizen and during the day, let yourself be guided by trends and your style.

The price. If you have never bought a waterproof jacket, the price tags of quality articles may seem a bit high. Be warned, though, that a good leader will keep you warm and dry for many years.